May 23rd, 2009


Oz under water

I've been watching the flooding in Queensland and NSW. It's horrific. I looked through the pics on The Australian Gallery and can hardly believe how widespread it all is. So many lives must be in complete disarray. I even saw pics of places we have been to. We hit flooding when we were on the Gold Coast January last year - it rained so much, and the weather was so bad, the entire length of the Gold Coast beach was closed and when we went for a drive inland we encountered this
We take a close look
but it looks like every river or stream over the entire region is flooded. What's amazing is the madness? of the drivers who try to ford some of these flooded roads. The power of water is phenomenal and cars are not that invincible - and as one of my colleagues will say, as his taxi was swept up in the tsunami in Thailand, 'they do float'.

On the edge of that storm, we have howling gales and cold temperatures, but hey, the soccer isn't cancelled, so we'll be out there soon ...if we can stand up in it.