May 26th, 2009


All we are saying is give peace a chance...

I'm using a different laptop tonight and it's very different. Huge fonts, a small typing area, no colours on the screen... it's odd. Still, no worries, it doesn't really matter, huh. We had Open Day this afternoon so the school was really buzzing. At the end of it I was totally exhausted. But life goes on and there was a lot to do at home this evening. I've written an entire mock answer to an assessment for my Ethics class this evening, on this laptop, so that was quite a bit of fun. It'll help the girls to see what to do - they each have to study an issue of justice - I did Peace, since no one in the class is doing that. They're mostly looking at things like child trafficking, prostitution, racism, euthanasia, any awful things going on in the world.
The house over the road is for sale. The old Greek lady has decided to go back to her village, live with her daughter. Her olives are just about ripe so it's a shame she'll be leaving them behind. I'm not sure ours are as good. We've had so much wind and rain this week, I haven't even uncovered the rabbit for about ten days.
And finally, I'm going to bed early. Lot to do tomorrow. Finn is bringing home a billet from some posh school up north.
Speaking of posh schools, we went to his open day at his college on Sunday. Very nice. It'd definitely suit him better. SOOO undecided... but leaning towards it because it'd suit his learning needs the best and surely I have to consider that. I can, after all, look after his soul. And his family will keep him grounded, for sure.

So buzz buzz life goes on. Wherever you are, I hope you're fine. I'll leave you with one of my quotes from one of my favourite people, Oscar Romero,
"Peace is the calm, generous contribution of all to the good of all."
He also said, "There aren't two categories of people. There aren't some that were born to have everything, leaving the rest with nothing, and a majority that has nothing and cannot taste the happiness that God has created for all. The Christian society that God wants is one in which we share the goodness that God has given for everyone."