June 1st, 2009



I had a pretty good long weekend (Queen's Birthday weekend) although I didn't do the schoolwork I intended... it was freezing weather all weekend with frequent hail/snow showers all Sunday. I did a lot of driving around on Saturday/Sunday. Funny thing, a few years back I thought a friend was going to come out to visit from Europe. At the time, I started looking at the city with fresh eyes, thinking of places I could show her. But she never came. Trouble is, I never got out of the habit of looking at places and sites and thinking, oooh, she'd like that one. Even this weekend there were a couple of times when I thought, oh, I'd like to show off that view...
One was coming down from Wadestown. The city is suddenly just below me as I curve down through the trees, the 'cake tin' Stadium directly below in all its glory, the sparkling sea, the rail yard, the city curling around the edge of the harbour, it just looked so beautiful.
(this was a sunnier day!) PhotobucketLater, dropping down what always feels like a near vertical slide to Lyall Bay from View Road, dark sea at the foot in the twilight, lights on the runway ahead, trolley lines waving in the wind. The bush on the hill rising above the soccer ground, with twenty different shades of green crammed together and loud clacking tui in the depths of the trees. And today, with wild southerlies, the huge rollers into Lyall Bay, right up to the dunes, volcano-like sea-spray erupting fifty feet high or more on the breakwater, salty sea covered roadway, and blue sky above freezing cold southerly air straight from Antarctica. I wanted to share. My friend, whatever you're doing now, I don't know but you missed a real treat not ever coming here. This place is so beautiful.