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June 6th, 2009

So. First Reconciliation this afternoon, after soccer all morning, basketball and flippaball last night, with a bit of work at school at lunchtime today. That was Saturday and it's not over yet. But wonderful weather, albeit a little chilly if facing South. SO I guess something's coming.

News of late? David Bain? Guilty. That's what we say. But maybe no one will ever know. He should be left in peace now. But now, of course, he'll try for compensation. Tennis? I'm so very very glad about Federer - hope he wins the final. Soccer? Chelsea won something. I don't care any more. I pretty much stopped following them when I felt that they became a pay-for-your-players-from-anywhere-factory (not so different from another team I know so well LOL). I used to have a Chelsea shirt, too. Cricket? The Netherlands beat England in a 20-20 match. LMAO. I sound grumpy, huh. I had a week from hell and it's showing now. I just want to curl up in a corner and relax with a good book. Wishful thinking *snort*

The Reconciliation was actually lovely. The children look so innocent as they sit on the stool opposite the priest and as he stretches his hand over their heads to give them absolution, it's really rather beautiful. The children were so nervous too, one burst into tears just before the whole thing started! I'm glad that's done for now though. We're doing Confirmation in September.

And as for the week from hell? Well, I'll get over it. Tough classes. Very bad girls, who are bad for everyone but just happen to be in a 'gang of seven' in my very large class (26 students, one special needs, many ESOL, seven big boys from the college down the road, a real cultural mix, one Vietnamese, two Chinese, one Japanese, one Filipino, three Maori, one Tongan, more than eight Samoan, one Ethiopian, three Assyrian, two Indian... the list goes on). Damn those option lines. I was almost ready to throw in the towel but we really just have to be tough, huh. We just do. I think it's what God would want, even. Struggle, do your best, run the good race blah blah. I just wish it were a LITTLE easier ;-)

Nick has Twitter...

OMG I STILL don't get Twitter! I have tried. It's so frustrating. I conquered Live Journal. I can e-mail. I'm slowly grasping Facebook - and occasionally getting it right on the Bebo page Christy made for me. I can text and I used to do the odd online Chat occasionally when I had time to sit at the computer.

But I still Don't. Get. Twitter.

I was at the nick site just now, because I'm getting excited because I'm going to Australia in less than a month and HE has a book coming out and I MIGHT be able to buy it over there. And there was a link to his 'Twitter' page which said he's off to climb a mountain. Now, as a fan, that's cool, I'd like to know what he's up to, I guess. But then it feels like I could get addicted to knowing. Then I would feel like a stalker - but he's providing the information. For - his fans?
Then I have friends who use Twitter. They tell me if they're waiting for something. Or eating food. Or whatever. And that is probably quite interesting for them. Or something. But I don't GET it. Are you supposed to answer? Nod sagely? Just say, hmmm, cool. Do nothing? Appreciate that you know SOMETHING about what they're up to? Because I can't work out how to answer. Mind you, maybe knowing what people are eating doesn't call for an answer. It's just a 'this is what I'm doing'. In which case, I could say, why are you telling us? And I'm not being judgemental, I just don't quite get it. Bebo is mostly entertainment, in a tweenie kind of way. Facebook is, for most of my friends there, a 'let out one's frustrations or achievements' kind of site, which is fairly informative in a minor kind of way (if you don't mind the CIA peeking over your shoulder). LJ is more fluent, you can really get stuck in with some... depth! But Twitter, with its stupid name that sounds like stupid birds, is it just another addiction? Or a great way to keep in touch, kind of. I don't really have time in my work to add electronic details of my day. I don't get down time or even travelling on public transport time. So I guess I don't have time to think about sharing details of my very small, unfamous, unknown, potentially mundane life with the great unwashed. Maybe I should just be appreciative that some people CAN share some details. It could be seen as even kind and entertaining. I guess once I understand the concept better, I might even like it myself.

And should I ignore the fact that Nick has Twitter, or do I risk becoming an obsessive Twitter-Stalker-Fan kind of person even though he started it and I assume actually wants people to know these things? Although since he's up a mountain right now, he won't know what I'm thinking anyway, huh...



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