June 19th, 2009

Finn as Garfield

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We have a new kitten. He's really, really cute. I can hardly believe we really have him. He's a tabby and we have called him Hunter. He is a very nosy cat and will probably drive us mad for the next few weeks! But I feel very lucky that we have him. He's a couple of months old so he's fully toilet trained, which is handy. We just can't let him go outside for a while yet.
On other fronts, we've been hit by the 'swine flu' at school - a girl I was chatting to across the desk looking terrible - I told her to go home - and she turned out to have the dreaded flu! That ended with us having to cancel the school dance, much to everyone's disappointment. We had to stand out in the dark and cold last night and tell parents to take their girls home again.

I have much to say but it's late, soccer starts early and I'm tired. Have to put the kitten to bed (we cleaned up a guinea hutch and he sleeps in there when we're asleep or out). Take care, all of you. I guess OzLiz might have had her baby by now?! We're probably not going to Perth in a fortnight so no Nick book for me *sniff* maybe Dymocks will get it for me.

I have Facebook and I have a heap of mostly young friends there, it's really busy. But this place is special to me.

Tomorrow - essay writing time. Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!