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July 6th, 2009

Flu, angels, demons and a kitten...

Another year older I am now. My parish family was great, the whole church sang me a happy birthday after mass (to my total embarrassment) and then a group of us went out for coffee at the Chocolate Frog. I loved my birthday wishes here on LJ. Thank you. That was kind of you guys. And somehow Moth even got a superb e-card sent. Maybe she got Fledge to do it ;-)) THANK YOU!

So I have been having the flu. I'm getting over it. It seems to affect sleep and all that so I'm glad it's holidays now cos I can't seem to sleep when I really need it. I went to work today but came home by about three as my brain slowed to a halt. I haven't functioned properly for over a week now. I know I missed posting Ringbark's birthday card. I hope I haven't missed any others...

I'm going to go to bed now and make more fun of Dan Brown. I wanted to re-read Angels and Demons (the girls at school ask a lot of questions about it all) but God almighty, he's a crap writer. Fantastic ideas and all that, quite brilliant, but his writing is the crappiest crappity crap crap I have read in a long time. Terrible character introductions, hammy descriptions, pathetic scene setting unless he's talking about architecture and art and the saddest dialogue and descriptions you ever saw. I know I write better than him, but I don't have amazing world-challenging ideas like his. But holy hell, how did he get published with that bathwater he calls writing? And Angels was the best of the four I read...

OMG the kitten is destroying the house. Time to put that cat to bed. Goodnight, you guys, keep up the good work.



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