July 10th, 2009


Yay me.

Work, rep trials, lots of boys sleeping the night, setting up for a Community Dance tomorrow night... long day. And I tried the bookshops today in the Mall. No sign of Nick's new book here. And who cares? No one else I know. Not even Nick. It's ridiculous, wanting to read something you just can't get. It's like Season 4 of Without a Trace, really wanted to see it, can't get it... You know, we're so far from anywhere, I think I'm just about ready to stop bothering with being a fan of anything. It only brings grief. So much grief. I think from now on I'm just going to be a fan of myself. And I'm pretty damn good. I can play music. Piano, guitar, you name it. I can write. I can multitask. I know the Bible and the Simpsons. I can doodle. Ride a bike. Keep a room full of teenagers working. Be nice to people. Dammit, I'm worth my own admiration today. So, in true London Tipton fashion, I say Yay me.