August 16th, 2009


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It's been so long since I could concentrate on something other than all the other things I have to concentrate on for even five minutes and sit here and post. The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of frenetic activity where I haven't been to bed before midnight or later, where I've been up every morning at six, where the family has been demanding and there's just been so much to do. I even took the plunge and tried to ask for an extension to an assignment I had and in the end just wrote the damn thing because the rules for asking for an extension took even more effort than to do the essay!

So I've gotten through the Catholic Education Convention, Combined Mass (a thousand teenagers and five minutes before it started the other guy's laptop didn't work with the projector and I had to get mine going and change things and blah blah - it went well though!). I have had this essay to write on the Synoptic Gospels, I've had assessments by the zillion to mark and moderate, I've had a bioethics inservice course to attend, Finn had a parent interview night, we've had soccer and basketball games to attend, I've been to the PacWell Polynesian festival which took all night last Wednesday - rolled Finn into bed at 11.30 pm - overall it just hasn't stopped for a fortnight. Still, I'm fine. Just not able to do the things I'd like, like LJ!

It was a beautiful night last night. I picked Christy and friends up from a party and the sea was calm, the yellow street lights along Cobham Drive like a line of flaming torches reflected in the sea. After a beautiful sunny day, no wind, it felt like summer was just around the corner. And technically we're still in winter here but it's a pretty temperate climate.

I have to bike over to school this afternoon, get some work done. Someone from my music group wants me to come up to hear some music later and friends want to play Trivial Pursuit later after dinner! Should be a fun evening. But there is also housework to do and I have a book on the Gospel of Judas that is shouting for me to read!!

My laptop is terminal - the LCD is smashed to buggery but we were able to retrieve everything off it, thank goodness, thank you to Moth and Viv who offered backup and helpful hints! I have put it all on the external hard drive now so no fears of any more serious losses. And in a way, it's good to learn to let go of stuff too. I sometimes struggle with that! But the Takahe laptop is no more. I have to decide how and when to replace it now. *sniff* is in mourning all the same.

The kitten is amazing. He roams all the neighbouring gardens for hours, climbs tall trees, hikes up the cabbage trees like a Fijian up a coconut tree! I am sure he'll find a way onto the roof soon. He chases the rabbit round the garden, then the rabbit chases him. He sleeps curled up in our arms like a baby, or sleeps on our heads in the middle of the night. He's a very curious cat. Plays with water in the basin, drinks soapy water in the sink, and queues up for his turn in the warm tiled shower box where he slurps up the excess water and leans on the warm tiles! He's a joyful, fun loving kitten and we are blessed to have him.

I'd better go do some work at school. Take care, guys, I'm thinking of you all. I have many friends on Facebook, the number grows every week, but you are people who can really communicate. I think that's important. Twitter and Facebook are so Temporary. Brief. Just snatches in passing. And from you I got TWO postcards this week *g*

And OMG Wilby Wonderful was on tv the other night!!! Such a beautiful movie.