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August 22nd, 2009

Still frantically busy but there should be a brief hiatus this coming week as Senior Exams continue and my work is all internally assessed and I've NEARLY got everything marked that they have done this term. It's been a mission. I've just had SO much to do, all day every day.

I loved seeing eliper's really cute baby - how did I miss that post? I'm so glad she pointed it out to me. And there was Nick with the baby. OMG, that just made me fizz with long-buried fannishness. I immediately wanted to start writing again but I'm going to keep suppressing that for a while longer. *sigh* I so want to write... I wish Nick's books were big here, so he'd come here. I guess he'd have to stop knocking Kiwis in his books first... yeah. Oh well.

Having a tough time at school with a couple of things, but you don't need to hear about that here. I have some amazing students and work with some great teachers, and I just have to embrace that and move along. I've spent a lot of time out of the staffroom this week at school and that's been good. Swings and roundabouts, huh. We spent three lunch hours sorting clothes for three needy families.

One more soccer game to go. Asher had his basketball final last night, soccer final next week. Finn's team just has one game left. They haven't won much.
We have confirmation in the parish in September and I'm getting the little children ready for that again. That's been fun so far, they are great kids. I got them to say their names and something from church that started with the same letter as their name, and we got things like, My name is Louie and my word is Liturgy, Andrew kept his own name, and the last one in the circle said in a tiny little voice, My name is Grace and my word is God. It was ...nice!

Our kitten caught his first big blackbird this morning, but there was a huge struggle and the mighty blackboard broke free, sitting in a huff on the fence looking ruffled. He's always come to our deck table to steal guinea pig food and it must have been a rude awakening to have the kitten leap upon him. There are feathers everywhere. The rabbit seems a little traumatised, too.

Still haven't secured Nick's book, I guess my brother forgot I asked him to pick it up. He lives in Brisbane, too. Still, he's not given me much thought over the past thirty years so what could I expect? I'll have to get a bookshop to order it for me, or go on the net, I guess. That might be the answer...

We have to go to a birthday lunch now. It's a GLORIOUS sunny, calm, perfect day, for Winter! Amazing Wellington. And I need to clean the house... see you later.



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