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August 30th, 2009

Aug. 30th, 2009

I'm on catch up mode again. I just can't get a moment to myself to do the things I yearn to do. I've even started to WANT to do some writing, but can't afford a minute at the moment. Some time between now (nearly midnight Sunday night) and Wednesday I have to write about 95 senior reports! OMG... I think it will be a late night tomorrow night.

Yesterday was amazing. I woke up slowly, feeling tired after a hell of a week, and decided it was a lovely day, I wouldn't even bother listening to the cancellations on the radio. I don't know why, because I ALWAYS check that. I hadn't even turned on the computer yet as Finn's game was due at 10.45. Then at five to eight the phone rang. I was still in my pjs. It was one of the mums from Finn's soccer team telling me the game had been transferred to NINE o'CLOCK! That was in an hour, in Khandallah, quite a drive away from here! OMG! I had to phone everyone in the team, get them up and out of the house, pick up three other kids apart from taking Finn (who had been asleep) and amazingly, we all got to the game on time! AND we won! And for the bbq in the afternoon, it was brilliant, sunny, warm and we sat outside with wine and sausages saying, how can this be winter!

Tonight it is a howling storm, and I really mean rain rain rain. I just drove my bro-in-law home and could hardly see the road... driving rain? Yes and NO!

All I do at the moment is run from one activity to another. I may implode shortly. Watch this space...

Oh and I've been reading 'The Jane Austen Book Club'. It's not my cup of tea but I did get one good bit out of it... but anyway, I was reading it this morning before I got up, and it just ended, bam, like that, with a whole heap of pages left! Turns out there are literary notes, references etc. What a let down LOL! So now I'm going to read Freedom Writers. I've seen the DVD a zillion times so I'll finally read the actual book/diaries of students that sparked the movie.

And tonight I held a baby, just a few days old, our best friends' son's baby. I got each of my children to have a hold and the boys were just 'wow'! It's a really cute baby, half Edinburgh, half Orlando-Floridian, made in NZ! I've never been particularly good at baby stuff but I can state that for sure he's a beautiful baby. I'll never hold Liz's baby but at least I know what it feels like to be holding another newbie! Just miraculous.



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