September 8th, 2009


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It's been hard to get a moment to get here, and I'm using the dud laptop Christy uses with the line down the screen! I had an awful week last week but things are much better and less busy. We had end of assessments and senior reports to write, and I teach a lot of senior students, just over a hundred. So it's a lot of reports. Still, done now, and a lot of my marking is done too. I'm hoping to have a quieter end of year but of course there are a lot of things to do yet. We're looking at integrating our Year 9 English, Social Studies and Religious Education programmes next year so I'm going to a meeting about that on Thursday. Should be interesting, if we can get all of us three heads of department to We'll have the librarian and the guidance counsellor there too so that might help. It'll be fun to be part of setting up something new and challenging.

I wrote some of the third part of my swimming 'trilogy' in my head on the way home from work yesterday. That's the first real writing I've even thought about for weeks. I'd pretty much stopped for a while. But I knew I couldn't leave it forever. It was such a relief to feel a story brimming.
It's just such a busy life at the moment. Every moment seems to be full of action or work or not getting what I wanted done or trying to get some sleep or providing food, or getting the laundry done, or getting the children to help and not get annoyed with one another!! Three teenagers in the house is absolute madness. And I mean madness.

There's a hint of spring. I took some pics of the garden on Saturday. If I find some time I'll share them with you. Right now I'd better get the boys off to bed, since my husband is away up north this week (as opposed to down South last week)...