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Jul. 17th, 2010

And so my winter holiday draws to a close. It's very chilly here at the moment with morning frosts and evening chill. I brought the goldfish back inside but the rabbit seems very happy out there.

I visited my friend, Esther, today who has MS. She is still walking but it's very shaky. She has been reading the copy of Safe that I printed off and wanted me to come over to chat about it! She's enjoying it and is looking forward to how it will end. She thought I wrote with a lot of compassion. She wanted to know why I chose Keeley to have a Common Variable Immunodeficiency, and how did I know so much about it. I said it was mostly the internet. It had started with my interest in ME and associated illnesses and I had just gone on to read about other kinds of hassles people have with their bodies - a website for sufferers of CVI really nailed it.
And Esther said she could see bits of me all through it - she said she wondered just how many times the people in the book stop for a cup of coffee!!! OMG! That's definitely my voice, huh.

As we draw near to another school term, I feel a little like the moral minority at school, questioning whether junior students should be able to withdraw a book like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from the school library (our librarian just bought the trilogy for the school library). I know it's good writing and a great tale, and it's interesting, being Swedish and all (remember Sweden is a LONG way from here so hardly anyone from here has links to Sweden), but there is a distinct lack of any kind of sexual morality and there is quite a lot of violence, graphic, sexual and perverted violence. If I were a Year 9 parent (as indeed I am, of course, to Finn!) I wouldn't particularly want my daughter bringing home a book like that from a Catholic school library, I think. What do you think? Christy said her school had a 'seniors only' section... I know I read my father's books when I was 12, from The Saint to Perry Mason, James Bond, Agatha Christie and so on, but they really didn't mention sex. I read The Godfather and one time some of my school friends came round and I read pages 24-27 to them! But we were innocent really. It was words, we couldn't actually PICTURE sex between people standing up behind a door. Nowadays, children have such graphic images in their heads already, it really concerns me what they make of their reading in their heads.

We are into Vietnamese cooking this week. It's great. I'll have to do the blue_leaf thing and take photos. We made stuffed squid tubes the other day (first time in ages) and Christy and Asher liked them! Went to the Indian food warehouse and the Mediterranean food warehouse today. Bought Harissa, Sumac, Cumin, pasta, rice, tamarind pulp, taro, gulab jamins, parmesan, coconut milk, pomegranate juice, lemon grass and even whole wheat to make new wheat bags. Oh, I love being on holiday.



Jul. 17th, 2010 10:17 am (UTC)
-I must order my spices online. I would love to be able to peruse the isles of a warehouse like that.
Aw, that's a shame. Mind you, the Indian warehouse is very budget, just a huge concrete room with rows of odd cans, bags of rice, vegetables and rows of tubs full of pastes, powders, flours, beans etc, but we love it. We can fill up plastic bags with delicious if occasionally dodgy-looking flavours!

MS is a dreadful disease. It is so frustrating, to want to do things and be unable to get your body to co-operate. I feel so worried before I go to see my friend, then I look at her face and she's still the same person, still Esther and all her brilliance, it's just her body that is rebelling. She asked me why I wrote about CVI and I said I liked to write about people who had to struggle, that their disabilities didn't define who they were. As her MS didn't define her.

I'm sorry you're suffering in the heat over there. I wish you coolness. Today I stood under a tree in the pouring rain for nearly two hours. It was... cold!



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