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Catching up somehow...

I am soooooooooooooooo behind. I have been incredibly, unbearably busy. I know you know how it is. Although sometimes I wonder if anyone can imagine my life! I even have two student teachers to watch over this term for seven weeks. One is German. A most interesting guy! And I'm on my way to bed now and I really have so much to tell you. One of the most amazing things that happened was Confirmation. The Bishop wouldn't come and we had the Codfish doing it. Funny thing was, he seemed really chuffed to be involved (I suspect he always wanted to be the Bish himself) and at the practice he was all for the drama and ceremony a Confirmation demands. Anyway, I had told the children that at the end of the mass, when they all have their candles (safe in their sponsors hands) up the front, we might turn out the lights to sing Christ be our Light as they leave the church. However, during the sermon (which is near the start of Mass really) just as the Codfish pointed at a child and said, who gives you gifts during Confirmation, the child, Jeremiah, said "the Holy Spirit" and BAM the lights went out. So did the PowerPoint. And the heaters. And my piano (electric). And it was pitch dark! OMG!

Well, I went over to speak to the priest and we decided to keep going. It was just our Church that lost power. Even the school still had lights. So we found a couple of torches, put every candle we could think of on the altar and gave the priest a torch to finish his sermon, pointing at the children to get their answers *g*

And because it was pitch dark, the musicians using a hurricane lamp at the back, there was a magical kind of hush in the church and we all felt like we were pulling together in a special kind of crisis!! I played the guitar for one song and it was okay with the lamp on the music but when I went to check my hand for a bar chord, my hand was in darkness LOL! Very disconcerting.

SO it turned out to be more of a success than you could imagine. I was happy.

And since then I've been working really hard, had a huge HUGE problem during the week and for the first time I suggested to myself that I move on from my job. One of our senior teachers was very rude and unprofessional to another teacher and I witnessed this and felt strongly that it was wrong. She really isn't talking to me and refused to let two of us go to a meeting outside of school on Friday because she doesn't trust us... and you know what? I was upset on Tuesday but now I almost don't care any more. I know she was wrong. I'm not saying anything about it though. I put my energy into the kids, and we had a fabulous Freedom Week for Amnesty International. Friday lunchtime I was 'arrested' alongside some students and imprisoned in the playground and the girls had to raise $5 to get each of us out of jail. We did that to people all week as the focus this year is on Myanmar and political activists being arrested and jailed for up to 37 years. So it was a very good cause. We had a yellow cake stall too and overall the girls and I raised over $400 last week. So I'll keep my head down and my workload buzzing along and those who don't trust me to not have my say can stick it... somewhere. Human rights apply at our school as much as anywhere.

And I have to go to bed, I really do. I have glanced through the Flist and I shall attempt to attend to that asap. I miss updating my LJ, it is a calming time in my evening. E noho ra (stay there, I'll be back). And btw, has it been raining here. It is sludgy.


Aug. 8th, 2010 11:04 am (UTC)
Of course, Myanmar is the 'official' and internationally accepted name so official repsonses from bodies like AI presumably feel obliged to use it. But I do know the 'other side' have asked those of us who aren't 'official' to stop. And yes, the country is called Burma, whatever its current government thinks!

Interesting about the Catholic repsonse to AI - I'd have expected them to want to fight from the inside, so to speak. I have to say I'm personally shocked by the position on rape victims - quite different in my mind to other abortion issues - but that's a personal response and they are entitled to state their opinion. I'd just have thought they might get it listened to more effectively from within the organisation.
Aug. 9th, 2010 10:47 am (UTC)
-I'd just have thought they might get it listened to more effectively from within the organisation.
Yeah but I guess AI isn't a religious organisation in any way as far as I know. Like Red Cross, it's just there to help those who need it. And the Catholics really shouldn't get inside AI to fly their little flag, I suspect.
The abortion issue is really hard, as who wouldn't want to support rape victims in any way you can, but if you see abortion as killing a life, how do you step away from that? It's a real dilemma for teachers like me who have to show both sides of the coin if for no other reason than that Catholicism has to be about compassion and mercy more than anything. But is it compassion for the victim of abuse? The unborn child? Neither have a voice. My Ethics class last year decided to just not judge any woman who had to make the decision to abort or to not abort. And their decision, to not judge, that felt more right than any other thing.
Aug. 9th, 2010 11:50 am (UTC)
That's really interesting - your ethics class girls sound very mature and thoughtful. And they obviously have a good teacher who guides them rather than making pronouncements!!

I understand the Catholic/pro-life position on abortion but I personally feel that if the mother-to-be had no choice her needs should come first. I know that's in opposition to Catholic beliefs, but then I'm not a Catholic.

The 'not judging' decision seems to be the best one all round.



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