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The long journey back to live journal posting begins... I so often see things, feel things, and can't wait to share them on LJ, a lovely view, a funny event, a special moment, but these days I'm so busy and so weary and so behind with everything, it seems indulgent to even pause on my way to bed to update. Still, life is good really. I must say I've had some mighty battles with a couple of long-standing teachers at school in the last three weeks, mainly because they misread what the other three of us were doing (we're in a team together). I threatened to walk away from the job and they seem to have pulled their heads in. I'm just keeping on keeping on for now and keeping out of the main stream of action as much as possible. I'm going to write a long report in the next few days *g* It has changed how I feel about some of the things I'm doing in the school. And that's a shame but ...*shrug* (secretly my writing will always be more important to me *g*)
My children are very busy and pretty demanding at the moment, in terms of support for the things they do. Soccer, basketball, homework, study, essays, designs, all that seems to suck up our time along with preparing meals, doing chores, teaching people to drive, making my teenagers actually be useful citizens. You know how it is.
I was driving to Mass on Sunday morning and I encountered Finn skateboarding home from a night at a friend's! We stopped to chat, a calm sunny Sunday morning, and he agreed to go home and do some cleaning up. It felt good, to watch him, little guy, skate away and think I'm raising good citizens. It was ...a moment *g*
One of our stalwart parishioners died last weekend and we had a massive funeral for her on Wednesday. It lasted two hours and the big church in Miramar was packed. Our music group did the music and a lot of people appreciated having a real singing group leading them. We sang good songs, too. Straight after the feast of the Assumption, we had a lot of Mary songs so it was a good time to farewell this particular Mary.
We also had the Combined Mass at St Pat's College - I ran the powerpoint along with our half of the Mass and thank goodness we got through that with almost no drama! A thousand teenagers in the hall and it turned out to be a nice occasion! And yesterday I attended the annual Vinnies Mass for all the local Catholic colleges (7). I was proud of my girls all brushed up in their uniforms on a Sunday afternoon.

And today was a calm day. Sunny. No wind. Senior exams so few classes to teach. I liked it. I have a wonderful student teacher working with me, a German guy who's in his thirties and he's doing really well. I wish he could stay on at our school. He's got a great attitude and he's easy to work with. We're doing the Middle Ages with my Year 10s. It's fun. He knows more than I do as I never really taught it before.

I'm going to bed now. I've read a couple of books that were the original 'Bones' stories and they're not bad. And now I'm reading The Shack. I'm reserving judgement at this stage. It's a little odd. Sounds true but isn't... I think it's religious... watch this space.
I hope you're all well. I will be back tomorrow night, without fail. I'm sure. I hope. Ciao. Ka kite.


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Aug. 23rd, 2010 02:24 pm (UTC)
I remeber making you an icon about being so busy you didn't know wheter you were coming or going...
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