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I just clicked the 'restore from saved draft'. Man, that was a while back. I've been busy. And removed from things a little, to cope with the stress of End-of-Term, Mercy Day and all that. Then it was our two week break and it's taken me the whole two weeks to feel human really. I've been north with my children to see my mother, drove half the night to go after a soccer practice. We got there at two in the morning! I made the children stay awake with me!! We got back on Tuesday and I've been procrastinating over school prep since then.

On the plus side, I have mastered the ancient (1970's) art of tye-dyeing! Finn's friends are now ordering t-shirts!

I lay in bed the other morning and had a sniffle about the past for some reason. I decided to get over some things so if you find you are off my flist, well, *shrug* sorry but I doubt you'll actually care. I think I've been a bit out of sorts mainly because of the Year 9 programme we're teaching at school and I'm doing every thing I can to get out of the 2011 round. I offered to teach all the Year 10s to make up for it... watch this space.

Finn has adjusted to having many friends kicked out of school and I think he's better off without those 'cool dudes'. He skated with them the other day, their first time all together after the Great Leaving, and said they are actually nicer now! I think they might have grown up a bit and realised they aren't grown up after all...

It's bedtime and it's pouring outside. I don't know how Asher will play in a soccer tournament tomorrow.

One thing about driving up to the Bay of Plenty, you get to see the most magnificent scenery. Lake Taupo was deep blue, the most beautiful lake I know. There is still plenty of snow on the mountains. Rivers are deep and vibrant after winter rains. I saw a lot of flooding and land slips, and LAMBS! Very nice to see lambs. I'll have to find a couple of pics from our trip. Finn has taken the camera chip to make a 'skim boarding' movie (their latest craze) from my photos and video clips. Later.

Okay, so sorry to have been away from here. It's good to be back. And to find a little e-gift there *hugs Mothy* Thank you.

Writing? Just can't just now. Maybe after the seniors leave in FIVE and a HALF WEEKS!!!
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