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Happy New Year 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Yes, indeed, here at home in NZ it is well into day ONE of 2011. And I am pleased. I haven't had much fun out of 2010 so I'm looking forward to this coming year. I just strolled home from friends at 1a.m. and soon I have to collect Christy and Asher from parties around about. Thank goodness for cellphones.

It's a quiet and calm night here which is great after some fierce wind storms earlier in the week. Christy and I had a late night dash up to my mother's place during the week to gift her with a one year old cat called Verona (!) that belonged to our friend's daughter (she's off to London and her friend turned the cat down at the last minute). So my mother has a new cat, a gorgeous young grey cat that is gentle and sweet. I'll post a picture later! We drove for 7 and a half hours and the cat never cried. She's amazing.

So I'm calm. I'm about head off into the night. I am looking forward to doing some writing in the next few days. I feel happy. I am so glad 2010 is OVER!

So happy new year, dear friends. Let's make the most of this year. An elderly parishioner met me out on a walk this morning and said that evil only takes over when good people do nothing. So let's do good stuff and ...well, maybe not save the world but... let's work at making our little corners of the world pretty good places to be. I just want to be calm and happy and organised a bit... resolutions? I'm thinking of just doing more writing. For me. ME!


Dec. 31st, 2010 02:05 pm (UTC)
It's 3PM, so a few hours left of 2010 yet... :)

My brain short-circuited when I read, "It's so hot". I can barely remember what hot felt like, heee.

Sounds like you had a busy night! Rest well, and happy new year again!



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