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The true epiphany... but I didn't have any

Another unusual day in which I
  • had another morning walk along Cobham Drive but no alcoholics this time, no fishermen either. A quiet journey
  • woke everyone up at nine, having left them to sleep after a marathon SpongeBob Monopoly game the night before! I had suggested they play this while I do the dishes, since I was sick of computers and xBox and Finn's friend, an only child, might not get many opportunities to play such a game. He was unsure at first and kept offering to be banker but in the end was coming second when I stopped them after three and a half hours on one game (and by then it was half past eleven at night!)!
  • attended a Tongan-English Mass in a cramped living room belonging to SMSM sisters where my adult student from last year renewed her nun vows before heading for Fiji to study to be a nurse.
  • worked for three hours with a colleague on programmes for the coming year while Christy taught her daughters to make Coraline stuffed dolls - Christy found that movie quite creepy btw
  • made home made pizza bases which actually worked this time (I swear the breadmaker was on strike last week)
  • found out this: I drove my boss out to the Tongan mass, and she said how her daughter had been at a party in island Bay for New Year. I said Asher was at a party that sounded like that one. He was there, said my boss. How do you know, I asked? Because when my boss went there to collect her daughter, Asher and another boy were carrying out a completely drunken comatose girl and trying to lie her on the porch to look after her. Asher said hello to my boss! The girl in question was my neighbour's daughter OMG and my boss had the unenviable task of phoning her parents (and an ambulance)! They arrived and went totally ballistic - my son hid upstairs as he didn't want them to see him (I guess didn't want to be linked to this little disaster). The girl was supposed to be at a friend's house but they had secret plans to go to the party - no adults were present. No wonder my son didn't want us to turn up to collect him at the party. We would have ended up there with my boss, the ambulance driver and my neighbours!!
  • finally finally did some useful writing tonight. well, useful for me. I admit I'll never be a commercially driven writer. Just can't do it *g*
  • found out my friend's uncle is dying and he doesn't want to see anyone in the family. Sad, huh. I hope he changes his mind, he has only days to live. He was a very cool uncle when we were teenagers. Drove an MG and could squash us in behind the seats to go for a ride.  I said I'd pray for the situation - it worked on the computer when it was in a death-trance...
  • and now it's tomorrow and I'm going to bed.


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Jan. 6th, 2011 08:05 pm (UTC)
and now it's tomorrow and I'm going to bed.
No, it's never tomorrow. It's a new today.

But thank you for all the rest - it shows that Stuff is still happening in your life. Like the rest of us, some is good and some is less good.
Jan. 7th, 2011 01:08 am (UTC)
I like 'a new today'! I'm going to use that *g*

-But thank you for all the rest - it shows that Stuff is still happening in your life. Like the rest of us, some is good and some is less good.
It is still happening, indeed. Writing it up on LJ makes me feel like the day is complete. Like having a diary no-one in the house will look at!
Jan. 6th, 2011 08:51 pm (UTC)
OMG Asher!!! He seems to have been at least partly responsible and helpful but...

It's only today here, and I ought to take the cards down - the tree didn't happen and nor did the little table top one and we only unplug the lights on the theory that wrapping them up and putting them away leads to disaster. Our Christmas was a bit 'fail' on the decoration side but mostly happy and calm.

Spain and Portugal make a bigger thing of Epiphany than of Christmas, in terms of public celebrations and town decorations etc.

My santa frog will have to go back in the icon box till next year.

I always feel January really starts tonight, after Twelfth Night. So Happy January! And enjoy your writing, commercial or otherwise!
Jan. 7th, 2011 01:06 am (UTC)
-OMG Asher!!! He seems to have been at least partly responsible and helpful but...
Although not at all responsible for the state of the 'girl next door' they never speak to each other LOL! But yeah, how will I answer if my neighbour finds out he was there... don't wanna go there with THAT conversation!

I think a happy and calm Christmas is the best of all. We TRY for it every year! And I always love the Santa frog.

-And enjoy your writing, commercial or otherwise!
Thank you. I intend to, amidst the chaos of teenage life.
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