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blue skies

A perfect morning dawned, blue sky, barely a breeze, hot sunshine all day. We are truly blessed on such days. Had three of Finn's friends home for dinner last night (all skateboarders) and one of Christy's but Asher is away so that made eight for dinner. I cooked two chickens in roasting bags and hey, what a great invention that is! Clean and easy with rice and hash browns. One of Finn's friends had never had a hash brown. "What's this delicious square potato?" *g*

We've had warmer water around NZ and it's attracted sharks. See this pic from the Auckland Herald last week, about a beach in the Coromandel

- the guy in green in the middle of the picture is my friend from church enjoying his holiday (we stopped there last year to see him). He said he had no idea there were sharks there but since that pic his wife hasn't entered the water!

I hurt my neck last night, or shoulder, it was hard to tell, and I was dreading waking up this morning. I tried using tiger balm at three in the morning, and oddly, just as I stood rubbing the stuff on my neck in the dark in the dining room, I heard the cat walk up to the front door (he has a bell). I opened the door and there he was, as if he knew I was there! I guess he just tries the door and if there's no response, he curls up on the Persian cushions on the porch or goes off somewhere else. But anyway, in the morning, sure enough, stiff as one of Alistair Maclean's characters after a good coshing. I took voltaren rapid 25 and it's amazing! You kind of float through the day, knowing there's pain out there but you can't quite feel it (unless you look left or right!). There are just a very few occasions when I vote for drugs. Otherwise, I hardly ever take a thing. So I'm reasonably zoned out for now...

The cat is struggling because we have bought a new tv, an LED one that is VERY narrow. He is used to sleeping on top of our huge SONY tv and now...there's nothing there. He sat on the decoder tonight trying to establish what the problem was (he leaned in and looked at the tv just as someone was walking towards him (on screen) and he jerked back then looked behind him as if to say, where did they go!) and finally he climbed onto the small window sill above the tv. Poor thing, that big tv was his warm and cosy retreat in the living room! Change is hard - pets just tend to look confused!


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Jan. 11th, 2011 12:23 am (UTC)
Poor cat!!

Hope your neck/shoulder is better.

They do hash browns as part of the breakfast on the ferry to Spain but I don't like them. Maybe they don't cook them well?
Jan. 11th, 2011 11:52 am (UTC)
Hash browns can be good or gross! They vary greatly!
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