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If you doubted the horror of the Queensland floods, take a look at this site. You hover your mouse over the line at the right and draw it across. It's quite amazing. And awful.

I'm off to Palmerston North (a city that is kind of in the middle of farm land!) to do a three-day course. I'm doing a diploma in religious studies. It means doing a whole lot of short papers during the year. I decided to get one course done before the school year begins at the end of January. The whole thing is meant to take two years but I'm determined to do it this year! Here's hoping. I can cross credit a couple of papers that I did in 2009, hopefully.

And it's HOT here. HOT HOT HOT. It's hot and sticky and the sun isn't even shining. Not usual for Wellington. Even the wind is hot. I had a cracking day, began with a blood test, had a trip to the dentist, drove children here and there and now I'm going to pack a bag and get ready to head off at dawn. I need to be in Palmy by 9am tomorrow morning. I'm figuring it'll take about two and a half hours. Hopefully they have internet up there *g*


Jan. 18th, 2011 08:29 am (UTC)
That's an amazing presentation! Thanks for the link. Have you heard from your brother?

Despite all its horror the Queensland flood isn't nearly as bad as the Brazilian one. We've been watching both and feeling very close to both as we have good friends from Brazil as well as Australia. And of course there are floods in Asia, too. margaret_r tells me that in Australia, as well as floods and fires (Perth)they've had a plague of locusts. Quite biblical!

Hope your course goes well!!
Jan. 18th, 2011 09:09 am (UTC)
Perth has everything! And yeah, while the floods are vast in Oz (in Qld alone the flood area is bigger than Germany and France combined), the death toll in Brazil is disastrously horrific. I dread what state things will be like there in the days ahead. Their hope of aid is almost non-existent in some rural areas.

It's pouring here now so I might get a wet drive up in the morning. I don't mind that though.



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