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Still reeling with the shock of Moth's drastic carpark adventure and wishing I could hug her in person... and still shocked that the floods continue in Oz... and grinning at blue_leaf's musical talent that has me humming... it's a sunny day, I have so much to do to get ready for school I'm ignoring it all!

I had a coffee with a friend on the waterfront in the sun today at Oriental Bay and that was lovely, him and his dog - and it's freaky, the dog adores him like a lover! We sat right next to the house of my cousins, where a cousin of mine is fading fast from cancer. She's a pretty well-known Wellington lawyer and I will not be finding time to attend her funeral. Her family are mean, conniving, probably the ones who most dragged my father into a life of gambling, they dislike me (because I failed one of the daughters once on an assessment that she failed to complete back in about 1991!!!) and I have no time for them. I am trying to fill my world with people I want in there *g* like you guys!

I was in Palmerston North last week learning more stuff about the New Testament. I have days when I wonder if theologians look too hard into these books, finding stuff they WANT to find, and then when I see the results of their looking, I wonder at the way the books stand up to the intense study, and hold fast! Are they really written so very, very well? Sure we accept the 'inspired by God' thing but any practical theologian will agree that they are hand-written accounts by people, not God-written. It's pretty interesting, I have to admit. And the course I am doing is easy-peasy so I shouldn't have any trouble passing...

Moth has passed on this to think about... and maybe act upon

And now I must do housework in order to not think about the dentist at 2.45.


Jan. 26th, 2011 05:58 am (UTC)
Glad to you are back and that your trip to Palmerston North was a success:)



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