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A new school year Down Under

So our first Staff meeting of the year tomorrow morning. We start, in fact, with a liturgy, run by yours truly, getting us off to a holy start. It's an odd feeling, the start of the school year. I just downloaded my classes and some of them look like hell on wheels but I guess maybe that's where my strength lies *shrug* so I drove down to the Asian food store and bought some decent treats! Then I drove home slowly, thinking about the rising tide of a new school year, with things like...
  • getting uniforms ready for the boys
  • making sure they have bags and shoes that fit and socks without holes (and don't tell me they can do it themselves, they wouldn't care two hoots if they had even clean socks or not...)
  • finding Finn's blazer, which looks like it never came home last year :-(  A new blazer would cost hundreds of dollars. His one had one more year of wear, maybe. It was second hand and huge but he never minded.
  • checking which days they actually go to school over the coming week - lessons really don't start until the 8th for me and Asher, not sure about Finn
  • tidying up my classroom. the cleaner hasn't even wiped the desks. I shall have to do it tomorrow. Today I did that horrifically demeaning task of scraping gum off the bottoms of a couple of desks
  • sorting some paperwork from last year that I didn't get done
  • filing assessments and getting ready for external moderation
  • writing out my management document
  • yada yada yada
Today I have almost completed my assignment from the Palmerston North course. I begin a new course next Wednesday so I need to get this one done and dusted. I know I have written far too much but the tutor said we can if we want to, it's more of a learning course than a strictly academic one like a post-grad one would be. I do hope I can get a good mark on this one though. I have a life-long knack of not writing what the marker is looking for which is really irritating!!

I looked out the window just now and saw this boy walking past. He lives up the road and has grown up in this street but they don't quite live close enough for us to know them. We know their neighbours. Thing is, he now has a job. He walks past each morning with his little briefcase. Then he walks past again on his way home at quarter to six. Each day. I have no knowledge of the chaos that could be going on behind those shades he always wears, but on the surface his life looks calm and ordered and simple. I know that's not true. I know he's a diabetic. I know his family are caught in that gap between Indian and Kiwi. I know not much else about them. They never wave if they drive past. He never looks down our driveway like just about every other person who passes our gate does, for no apparent reason. But some days, I want to just stroll home off the bus with a little briefcase, to look like I live a simple, organised life.,.. somehow I'm going to do that this year. Well, without the bus... but more organised. Less piles of paper. not bringing home so much to do at night. That's going to happen. Definitely.

But I won't be wearing sunglasses. I don't own any! 


Jan. 27th, 2011 08:39 am (UTC)
You should definitely not have to scrape gum...
Finn's blazer sounds like the most important task - hope it turns up!
Your resolution about bringing less paper home is a very good one. Keep to it!!



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