natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Getting on with the job...

A full day of work back at school today, although no teaching yet. It was hard work, too. A lot of decisions to be made. I had a departmental meeting - I have great teachers this year with lots of experience. I devised some groups. Threw out a heap of crap from my office. Tried out a newish DVD player. Cleaned up my computer. Phoned for some guest speakers. and got the car fixed (the other day I took the STUPID RENAULT to the petrol station and guess what? we couldn't open the little door to get to the petrol cap. aaaaaaaaaaaaargh the poor attendant kept poking it with a screwdriver and I had to stop him before he took off all my paint. $95 later it's fixed. Some switch adjustment required...). So a reasonably triumphant day, I guess. Now I am tired and ready for bed.

There's a heavy pocket of sadness inside of me, like a bag of marbles. I think it's just the going back to school thing. Once my classes start, I'll just go for it. But at the moment, I feel vaguely ill all day. Nervous, I guess, for what's ahead.

And so I shall go to bed. Do some writing in my head!
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