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taking a break

A grey morning, everyone either sleeping elsewhere or still in bed, and I decided to go for a bike ride after our morning coffee. Which meant chasing spiders out of my helmet and out of my bike gears - even if I have used the bike within days, those spiders come creeping back. I rode through the airport and out towards Moa Point. Slight northerly which meant the southern end of our island is calm, the sea flat and steely grey. I rode along thinking, wouldn't it be nice to find time to do this every day! I rode around to Turakena Bay below the Attaturk Memorial. There was a little group of people heading out to sea in tiny fishing boats, a few cyclists (real ones, in real cycling clothes) and not much else. I stopped at Turakena and had a wander on the sand between the rocks. The tide was going out so the sand was squidgy and soft and it felt good to be on the coast. I love grey days.

On the other side of town the city is gearing up for Day Two of the NZ Sevens, a mad festival of dress-up lunacy. Asher is there this year, in a skin-tight lycra morph suit designed to look like a tuxedo like this
I think it was hotter than he expected. It's pretty humid here today.

I can't believe what's happening in Oz. People there must think Armageddon is at hand. Fires, floods, cyclones, more floods... it's pretty horrific.

And school? We're back into it. Full on. Yesterday I made a Wiki page! I hadn't understood the concept but I'm getting it now. We're into e-learning this year. At least I like that kind of stuff. Yeah, well, enough said. I'm working on the enthusiasm for everything else. In my head, I'm getting ready...
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