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We've been having earthquakes. Not big ones at this stage. 4.5 on Tuesday and 4.7 this morning - we don't even feel the little ones that follow. But it rattles our complacency. If we were thinking how awful it is in Christchurch and how incredibly unexpected, the land is nudging us with some rumblings of our own to remind us we all live on earthquake faults. I have updated most of our emergency stuff. I have a pack in a cupboard by my bed, matches, candles, radio, batteries, that kind of thing. I am thinking money would be useful. That's been hard for Cantabrians, getting cash to buy even water etc. Everyone is fundraising.

There are 'predictions' about a big earthquake here, on the 20th or 30th. I am not impressed.

I drove into town at midnight to collect Christy from a party. It's first week back for uni students. There are drunk kids all over the city. It's awful. I saw a girl in a little short dress fall flat at the Basin Reserve, her friends dragging her to her feet. Over in Vivian Street a young guy was trying to pull another guy up off the footpath. I guess they're getting their taste of freedom, out of the Cube or other hostels and down into town.

I've been really busy at work. And it's Lent coming up next week. I have challenged the girls at school to try telling the truth for six weeks instead of giving up lollies or something similar. It's my campaign for the year, tell the truth! The orthodox girls give up dairy and meat for six weeks, which is huge. And interesting, I was quizzing my orthodox girls about gay people and they both say there are almost no gay people in their churches, Assyrian or Ethiopian. I suggested that maybe they just weren't allowed...

OMG it's one in the morning! We've been sitting here watching Jurassic Park 3! It's so gruesome! Later, dudes


Mar. 5th, 2011 07:10 am (UTC)
I've been hearing and reading about your earthquakes and hoping that everything settles down over there. I suppose there are always predictions at times like this but they don't often happen - I certainly hope they don't this time!
Mar. 9th, 2011 09:03 am (UTC)
we are all still coming to terms with the reality that so many people died in Christchurch. I sure hope we don't get an earthquake here but it has triggered everybody's warning systems. We're all doing earthquake drills and making emergency kits.



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