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flashback to 2005

I sent our big, old computer to get updated for Windows yesterday and the whole machine died on the operating table. My husband's best hacker put our stuff into a newer computer but didn't realise we used Outlook Express as opposed to Outlook. So when I opened up our mail last night, he directed me to Outlook - all that was there was a bunch of emails from the last time we used Outlook, waaaaaay back in 2005 (how odd to think 2005 is so very long ago, huh). And all the ones I had saved were from my friends back then. Friends I still have from the intense fandom gang back then are Geraldine and Suil. The rest... gone-skees.
But it was fun reading some of their feedback as I worked through the big rather painful Delete (all those 'you got the message wrong' emails!)...

(from a Josh fan) Someone said "vintage Jen", but actually, it's not at all, it's "new" Jen. As far as I'm concerned, you've come of age in this story because Josh is now absolutely PERFECT. K.

Look: it's my two favorite guys, together (omg omg head explodes at the thought. die plot bunny, die already, damn you!!!!) being all gauzy, and calm, and ethereal. And it has my little name on it whee! A.

Just to let you know I'm still beavering away on the story and here's a little bit more for you.
Hope you like it and that all is well. Love M.

- I finally found some time to read your last Sam-fic. Jenny!! I loved it - seriously!! Your descriptions were amazing!! ...Take care and I'll talk to you soon (seriously!!). Love, Ann (...never heard from her again)

- just don't call the color of my new couch "like pea-soup"... And I wanted to send you an up-to-date photo from me, just so you don't faint when you see me for the first time in reality. Take care. U. (I think I'll keep the photo, it was such a wonderful meeting)

Wonderful, Jen, really made my evening. I read it in bed on my lappy and enjoyed every word P. xx

ooh Jen that was an unexpected surprise to go with my morning tea.
I just knew you'd do a beautiful one and not a fuuny one for the weather drabble. P.

There were some really awful emails too. I have gotten rid of them (I THOUGHT I had done this already. Why oh why do they keep popping up in odd places?)
But this one really rocked my world...

I'm not doing this again. Seriously, I'm not doing it. E.

*sigh* memories. Now I shall move forward once more *brushes hands together*
BTW I sold 42 copies of Safe during free ebook week. And every day there is another 20% download. So that's a fun thing to be happening.
And life goes ON at its usual rapid pace. Yeah.


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Mar. 26th, 2011 09:10 am (UTC)
Yay for the Safe downloads - which reminds me I should tell my f'list about it!

Weird to be reading stuff from so long ago. I suppose, if you became a really famous writer, some of this would be a resource for your eventual biographer... but I think 'delete' is probably the right response!! I'm not even sure you should have looked but I supppose it would be irresistable!

It's funny the way different fandoms have different cultures - I found TWW full of people who blew hot and cold and (apart from you) didn't really stick around. Though I suppose Hannah's still around, just not on LJ and the same goes for my American beta. A bit like a cocktail party with fellow guests full of enthusiasm and promises but fading away into the night. Spooks is more like a literary creative writing course with a lot of pretentiousness alongside the squeeing. Pros is a well-developed village community with virtual cups of tea - not that there aren't hissy fits but they're few and far between. It sort-of overlaps with both Starsky and Hutch and The Sentinel, too. Harry Potter and Stargate Atlantis are too huge to have anything other than small splinter groups and access to archives. Stargate SG1 is a bit old-fashioned and can be cliquish. Torchwood is split into two camps - those who do and those who don't accept Children of Earth. It's quite funny, really, because you can meet people on the 'opposing' side in other fandoms and they turn out to be perfectly human!! Sharpe is full of ships who pass in the night and don't interact. Quite an interesting study in an anthropological sense!!

2005 seems a very long time ago. There have been huge changes in the internet and other communication technologies. Last night I was chatting to Fledge on Google Talk and we were saying that even in 2005 our conversation (about screen caps and downloads and suchlike) would have been almost incomprehensible. Certainly in 2000 it would have been in another language!!

Also, in 2005 I was: dealing with a lot of grief (and paperwork) over the deaths of my mother and my best friend; still using a desktop PC; only just getting into fandom; only just retired; unaware that Portugal was on the horizon; merely hopeful about the possibility of grandchildren. (He was 3 yesterday and life is quite different from way back then!) A lot of changes in a short time make it seem a very long time in some ways and I'm sure it seems that way for you, too!

And Safe is out there in the wide world - and surviving!!!
Mar. 26th, 2011 10:16 am (UTC)
Thank you for all the thoughts you have shared here.
-I'm not even sure you should have looked
Yeah, I shouldn't have looked but those old friends, they were there when my children were young and they were an integral part of my social life, albeit a virtual one. But we made it real with exchanges of gifts, cds, DVDs, cards, even phone calls. It was FUN! And I loved them. But there were obvious divisions in the RobLowe fandom even then, and people see-sawed back and forth from one 'side' to another, with secret fandom splinter groups and members-only clubs. Sadly, it affected friendships as well.

It's fascinating the knowledge you have about the different fandoms. You're amazing!
It would be quiet interesting to study any links between types of fandoms and fannish behaviour!! Hannah should do it!
But I have to admit, seeing their names gave me an ache. I do miss them. They were clever women and clever women should stick together!

2005 I was still at my ESOL job in a primary school. The boys were still in primary school. Christy had just started college. One of the emails was wishing her luck in her new school. I had no idea then that I could be a head of dept in religion!!!

And no Jamie!

-And Safe is out there in the wide world - and surviving!!!
Safe is ...safe out there, and it means I can't tweak it as I did endlessly over the last couple of years. I have realised that it's important to be able to let go. It also stopped me working on my next thing. What the hell, everything stops me working on my next thing! But eventually...
Mar. 26th, 2011 11:14 am (UTC)
It was a thought-provoking post!! All that history!!

I think I've been very, very lucky, in meeting so many of my f'list and fellow fans. There's the central core - people like my daughter and kat_lair (I see them at least once a week)and of course their friends in turn. Then there are all the people I have met more than once at things like Connotations, and people like Marg with whom I've stayed for weeks. Knowing someone in more contexts than just online fandom cements friendships in a way that is less likely even when you exchange cards and gifts etc. Of course, online people become real friends - you're an example - but it's easier to forget, walk away, brush aside...UK is clearly a better place to be a fan than NZ! *g*

You're right - clever women should stick together. Unfortunately a lot of them get too caught up in their jobs or in their professional writing and haven't time to keep up online friendships. That's my experience with some of the published writers I've interacted with.

I love my multi-fandom flutterings. And I've made a lot of friends that way!

I hope you're saying you will now concentrate on your next novel?? Despite being head of religious studies and surrounded by teenage kids! *g*
Mar. 27th, 2011 02:58 am (UTC)
I'm relatively new to the fandom thing but it's interesting to see how involved it can get!

I've been meaning to congratulation you on Safe too, I was really pleased to see that you had put it on Smashwords. Unfortunately rl kind of ran me over before I actually got to commenting to you! It's wonderful that it's doing well, although I had no doubt it would.

Keep moving forward, you have another book to write:D
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