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catching up

It's late in the evening... and I'm not a Simon and Garfunkel song. I'm sitting on our big, blue couch with my new little laptop, one eye on the French Open (not my favourite Grand Slam event), waiting for Christy's friends to go and Asher to arrive home, rather wanting to be cosy in bed! The cat is curled up in a basket by the heater.
The cat, btw, needs counselling. After his big three days lost, he returned to the fold and has been pretty loving and a lot louder with his miaowing than before! But something happened last week, which we assume involved a foreign object such as another cat, a bird or heaven knows what, and this must have sprung from a piece of clothing on the floor, or perhaps on the front porch (where the boys tend to drop their uniforms, soccer gear etc). This 'thing' must have surprised the cat immensely because now he slinks past every odd object on the floor; he takes ages to come in the front door and tentatively pokes everything on the floor. Even a towel fallen off the rail is a chance to put out a shaky paw and press/poke the fabric. It can take him a minute to negotiate his way in through the front door! The other day, I inadvertently moved a plastic bag on the floor and he leapt backwards and up in the air about four feet!
We had Mission Day on Friday. This year I had our four school Houses choose their own charity and work towards Mission Day being a useful way to make money or help out in some way. We started with an edgy liturgy (I wrote the script and my Spirit Captain put it into action) teaching the girls that missionary activity can begin at home. I used a clip from Lecrae 'send me, I'll go' which was really challenging, then we had drama and readings that rammed home the notion that if we are kind to those in need, we're kind to God.
The girls were magnificent on the day, the weather cleared, and everyone in the school was out and about doing something, We had buskers in the city, sausage sizzles at several locations locally including the boys' college down the road, a beach clean up, people baking food for several charities, visit to the retirement village, scraping paint from Ronald McDonald House, a sponsored ten-kilometre walk... it was amazing to see so much action and then we all met back at school to report and see photos. There was a buzz in the school community - several Staff felt moved to tears, we ran well past the final bell and no one asked to leave! Incredible!
I had to rush home to change at the end of the day as we had our scheduled annual Principals and Directors of Religious Studies Drinks with the Archbishop. It's stupid, he still won't come near me, I must be too scary, but I networked with lots of others there. He always sucks up to my glamorous boss so I can ride along on that for the evening.
So tonight I'm pretty tired. Just sitting on the couch. We watched an Australian film with Paul Hogan actually playing an old man! (Remember Crocodile Dundee?)
I'd love to do some writing but I can't imagine I could stay awake! And I think I have to take one of Christy's friends home. He lives way over in Mornington so aaaargh! It takes about fifteen minutes to get up there.
I'll have to spend Sunday afternoon at school, I imagine. I have a lot to do. I think next weekend, which is a long one, I shall actually devote to doing what I want! What are my chances? Slim, I imagine!!
I watched Asher playing soccer today. He has cemented a starting position in the First XI at school (as well as Under 21s for Miramar and Miramar 3rds some days). Today he scored a goal for his side, which is wonderful for him. It's all he's wanted since he started at St Pat's. We are all very happy for him.
I guess that'll do. Ka kite...


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May. 29th, 2011 06:14 am (UTC)
Wow, your Mission Day sounds like a resounding success, congratulations to everyone involved:) And well done Asher, you must be very proud of him.

Something quite traumatic must have happened to your cat, I hope he gets over it soon and returns to normal.

And I hope you get to do your own thing next weekend at least:)
May. 29th, 2011 09:02 am (UTC)
That cat definitely needs counselling!! I wonder if he'd tell all under hypnosis??!! Something must have leapt out at him from a very unexpected place...

Mission Day again? I'm sure it isn't a year...

If you must have talented and sociable children you can expect to be tired/available for chauffeur duty/etc. Glad for Asher - congratulate him for me! Hope you get some writing done some time because it helps you to relax!!
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