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on going to conference in Palmerston North

thoughts on driving north... how come those calves all face the same way when they're eating
if that cloud comes any lower, I won't be able to see the road
what if this detour doesn't come out at the right place
I can't believe I actually know where I'm going now, I've been to this place too many times!
I wear my possum hat (possums are pests here)

at dinner, having worn possum I shall now eat pig...
I despise one of my colleagues as he once again heaps a shovelful of crap on my girls. I've tried so hard to just get along but holy hell, he's an arsehole of magnificent proportions

I sleep for a while but it's cold. I wake at five.
At six thirty I head out in the dark in search of decent coffee
calm crisp morning before the dawn
a man sweeping a section of the footpath in front of his restaurant says it's going to rain
his restaurant is called Aberdeen. Huh. I think of Elaine. In Glasgow. and Steve being chucked in a cell in Aberdeen for singing anti-royalist songs. Or was it because they drank the policemen's milk on the doorstep? D and D and let go the next morning!
the birds are incredibly loud!
the Square lit along wide pathways, muzak oozing out of the darkened information centre
buses lit up in the dusk slide out of the terminal heading for mysterious locations, Takaro, Brightwater...
A familiar one, Massey - I did a post-grad diploma there in another lifetime
Robert Harris is open
on the way back a lighted screen over the service area in the square has come on. It says rain.
light drops hit me between the trees edging the square
real rain as I head for the motel
now I'm writing
And I have to go learn about prayer now. Stuff I already know. Stuff I taught my Year 12s on retreat last week. Will I make it through the day? I have my doubts *snort* my boss texted me from China. 'Be nice to everyone' she said knowingly...


Jun. 23rd, 2011 10:00 am (UTC)
Thanks for a good flavour of the trip and the conference! Your boss clearly knows what the conference is like!!
Jun. 24th, 2011 05:46 am (UTC)
-Your boss clearly knows what the conference is like!!
She knows what I can be like LOL!

I actually left the conference a bit early today and had a leisurely chill-out drive home. Did housework when I got home. Now I feel like a normal mother again!



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