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Well, I see LJ is having problems so I am wondering if that's why no one has updated... unless no one has updated, in which case I hope you're all okay.
I am on the tail of the two week break and I wish it could last forever. Still, at least I had a break and now it's time to think about work seriously! Much as I don't want to...

Nick has a new book a new book A NEW BOOK NEW BOOK NEW BOOK coming out this week, called The Fix. Perth Liz told me about it. I am planning to order a copy. I am very excited. I looked at his fb page but all these people actually met him over there so I got jealous and slunk away!!! They met him. Dammit. Any time I was in Brisbane I'd imagine he'd just, you know, walk down the road past me and I'd casually say to my children, hey, that's Nick Earls...
His books don't even seem to come here which really annoys me. I'll have to order a copy. Postage is a pain though. Can you imagine buying something for, say, $15, and then being charged $15 postage. Aaaaaaaaaargh. It's the only time I wish we didn't live on an island at the bottom of the world! Anyway, I'm looking forward to The Fix. I can't wait.

And while I'm on the podium, I'm so frustrated by the starvation in Somalia. Why can't the people in charge LET THE FOOD THROUGH. OMG. Children are dying. Constantly. It's so wrong.

p.s. sold 85 copies of Safe on Smashwords! Time to do some better writing, I imagine! That was really just practice. I hope I CAN write better...


Jul. 31st, 2011 08:50 am (UTC)
I can get in and out of LJ easily, just sometimes it takes a while to load.
Your book sales are great.Well done



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