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still going ...strong

Yet again I am so far behind I feel like putting my head in the sand and just giving up! But no, I carry on... hello and how are you? Please stay in touch. In case you feel I have been remiss, I can give you a run down on the bigger events of the past fortnight as some weak excuse,
Vinnies Mass, me to organise for representatives from seven colleges in the region, including supper afterwards - went great
Year 11 Retreat, me to organise for 70 girls, up in the bush at the Home of Compassion - it was a very emotional but rewarding day
The coldest week ever with massive hail storms, snow, sleet and rain almost non-stop all week.
Combined Mass for the feast of the Assumption, for 1000 teenagers, to co-coordinate with St Pats, me to do the powerpoint and then the most amazing thing happened in all my years in Wellington city, it snowed just as the girls were about to walk to ST Pats and we're just not used to it and couldn't predict what would happen and had to not send 300 girls out into the snow, and so had to stop the combined Mass and send me and a priest back up to set up Mass in our gym OMG while the girls whirled and screamed in the snow, a first for most of them!
The next day, Catholic Character Review, where outsiders (experienced teachers/Principals) appointed by the Bishop inspect the school to see if we are...well, Catholic enough! It's mostly about the principal and me. Three days and they were gone.
Today, an all day course on Maori spirituality.
And to top it all off, the evening before the Retreat, my boss calls me in to her office to tell me she is resigning and moving to a great job up north. I cried. She is such an inspiring and tolerant boss. I can't imagine the school without her. She came to the retreat to tell the girls and that was even harder because her own daughter is in that group so her friends heard the news then as well. Tears all round... she will be missed so very very much. We only went to Perth together a month ago. *sniff*
So things are changing. I am still busy. I have a million stories in my head and no way to even contemplate writing them down. I don't even get time to read my emails or LJ posts. My house is not tidy, my car needs cleaning, I have marking to do, a desk to clear, papers to sort... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I picked Asher up this evening from his girlfriend's house and to thank me he played his 'going to bed' iPod selection for me on the return trip. Orange Sky from The OC collection. The Hallelujah version when Marisa died - maybe the Imogen Heap one? Then Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek, the one that came out just when - well, when things happened one time, and by then I had tears in my eyes but luckily it was dark in the car late at night and I got over myself. Then as we swung into our street, the next song was that Over the Rainbow-Wonderful World song by Israel. OMG. We just sat there in the driveway, my sixteen year old son and I, and sang along. Kept the heater going. It's only 3 degrees Celcius tonight.
And I need just ONE DAY. One day to draw breath. Maybe during exam week. That's in a couple of weeks. Since I mostly teach senior students, it should be a nice week while they do practice exams! I will MAKE it a nice week!
And I'd better stop. I have to do morning tea at Mass tomorrow and I haven't made anything. Might need to go to the supermarket in the morning! Or bake with breakfast...
Ka kite ano, my good friends.
And I haven't even had a moment to think about nick's book yet. Anyone read it? Good? I'm hoping. I really really need a good read! I'm reading a Ruth Rendall and it's just BORING! BORING! How do they get on tv?
No really, gotta go xxx


Aug. 21st, 2011 05:56 am (UTC)
Hey hey! I am planning to go look at your review tonight! I'm so amazed at the whole idea. I sold lots of 'free' books during last month which was fun. 85 copies have now gone ...somewhere!

How is your writing going?

And thanks for the boss-leaving hug.

About Ruth Rendall - Yeah, I mean, I love introspection too, but hers is intensely boring! It's like, shut up and do some work, you stupid police people!

I'll ask the girls for snow pics. I was too busy getting ready for Mass. But I found it amazing to walk through, it was sort of 'dimensional' so you could see that flake there, then another further away, then another. I have never been in that before myself. I loved it. And so white! It was mind-blowing!

Edited at 2011-08-21 05:56 am (UTC)
Aug. 21st, 2011 09:11 am (UTC)
Mind-blowing and cold!! I hate snow, really. It's so deceptive - so, so pretty and then it lasts and lasts and makes life difficult and gets slushy and dirty and ugly, and of course cold! *g* It is also quite horrible and frightening to drive through. But other people's snow is interesting. ;)

I haven't written much recently. I've had time, but haven't known in advance I'd have time, so have never quite got mentally organised, if that makes sense. The words are all there, in my head, so it isn't exactly writer's block, more a kind of keyboard block??? I've been doing rewrites. The first volume of Harlequin's 'memoirs' is, I hope, finished and edited almost to death. Marg is going to help me decide where to submit it and get it all formatted correctly. The same applies to the first two of my elf-detective series, and the third is mapped out but not written.

I have been reading a lot of fanfic - some of it excellent - and a lot of thrillers, many of which are quite poor, considering that they sell for real money!!! But I have got addicted to an American thriller writer, Karen Rose, who writes very violent but very gripping stories with well developed characters. Her policemen are interesting, with interesting families, and work hard!!



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