natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

I'm supposed to be reading about the Reformation or at least marking assessments so I am prevaricating and chatting here and there. I am still reeling from reading Moth's review of Safe. I swear her review is better than the actual novel *g*
I badly want to write some more. I just feel the need to get out of my skin and into someone else's head. But I constantly have too much work to do. I wish I could just get on top of it. I'll try really hard this week. We did a big tidy up today - which must have upset a few webs - a big spider just appeared on Finn's wall! I supervised while he crushed it with Asher's history book! Poor kid, went to a dress-up party with some friends this evening. They were really excited, all hired costumes and walked together to the party. They're only 14 and 15. Some drunk kid was causing trouble when they arrived, smashing a bottle, and the dad went nuts and wouldn't let any of them into the party. They all left, really disappointed. I do feel sorry for them. Nice kids, just wanting to have fun.
Christy is out at a birthday drinks thing, then heading to another place after that. Asher is at a little party in Island Bay. Finn just got home. I feel like my children are growing up fast and my biggest worry these days is that they come home safely after each outing! Argh!
I'm off now to deliver Christy to her second venue. Do you know the song, 'My Mum's a taxi?' Well, that's me!
But I don't mind. I might think while I drive...
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