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The Fix is here...

My copy of The Fix arrived in the mail. I'm reading it as slowly as I can so it lasts. I like it. It reminds me a bit much of The Street Lawyer by John Grisham at the moment but I guess most stories have similarities to other stories (this has the whole hostage shooting thing). I like the characters so far. I like the setting. I like the way Nick doesn't explain everything, which he sometimes did before. I feel like things are coming in the story. It's good. So I'm happy. Going to bed now to try to slowly read a little more.
I have almost no voice at the moment, some stupid bug that's going around, so school is a bit of a trial because I can't raise my voice (lucky classes, huh), and reading with Finn each night is a struggle but on the up side we bought some peanut butter ice cream and I ate it while I read to Finn and it's AMAZINGLY nice! Sounds gross but really is very good!
Another reason to go to bed - Asher is watching Dragon Ball Z, a programme I banned him from when he was little (the only programme I rarely let him watch) - he's reliving his ...missed youth? at the tender age of 16. I never liked the violence, death, and resurrections, in this cartoon! I put up with most cartoons and even enjoyed some of them, like Captain Planet, Pokemon (okay, I loved Pokemon), SpongeBob SquarePants (best ever), Simpsons (always good for a laugh), and later on, Family Guy (tacky but funny). I never liked Scooby Doo or Recess or the Weekenders. Arthur was nice, I liked him!
Anyway, see you later. I have so much work to do at school, it's like I just pop home to rest up for the next day!



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