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And so the Rugby World Cup has begun, with entertainment, fireworks, anthems, haka and what is apparently the biggest event NZ has ever hosted is underway. I am fairly ambivalent at this stage, I have too many things to be thinking about and doing to stop and focus on rugby. NZ is playing Tonga as I write.

I've been to a school function this evening and I am still kind of sick (I sound like an old smoker with no voice) but there just was no easy way to take the day off. So I am taking tomorrow off! I know, I know, it's Saturday anyway, but since Christy has gone skiing and the boys are pretty autonomous, I shall stay in bed and write some assessments for my Diploma. I'm absolutely determined to finish and not give up. I have just three papers to go. I've done the sessions for Maori Spirituality, Reformation is by distance learning and that just leaves one on... something next Saturday.

Asher was mucking around at lunchtime wrestling with friends and somehow his earlobe got ripped almost in half *shudder* he didn't realise until he saw all the blood on his shirt! The lady at school put a steri strip on him and taped him up so when I got there after school and took him to the doctor, they pretty much left that in place. So I'll have to bake her a cake. His ear looked just gruesome. Typical Asher though!

I finished The Fix. It didn't have any laughs like Nick's books usually do. But it had a good pace and had me riveted to finish, wondering exactly what was going on. and it did have a good finish. SO he did well, old Nick. I just wish he wasn't so derogatory about NZers. I bet he wouldn't like me to knock the Ockers in one of my books... you know, if I wrote books that were... out there LOL!.

Better watch the rugby. It'll be a talking point.



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