natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

A mothy meme

This came from moth2fic
New Things I'm Watching or Have Watched Recently
ANGRY BOYS! OMG it's gooooood, as we expected! But naughtier. Pushing even more boundaries than usual, if that's possible.
Rugby World Cup. Glad it's over now.

Things I've Rewatched Recently
Three out of four seasons of the OC. My children and I had a huge OC revival in the holidays and we're still crawling into Season 4 (which we never watched in real time, after Marisa died; it hurt too much). We've all had a few sniffles over this show yet again.

Things I Stopped Watching
Criminal Minds: to watch a show where almost no one smiles for entire eps, it's just too severe after a tough day. And the killings are too gross for comfort!

Things I'm Still Watching
The Mentalist.
Waiting for another season of My Kitchen Rules. For some reason, the children and I fixated on it! It sure improved our meals at the same time.

Things I Need to Watch
Nothing I can think of! I don't get much time to dedicate to watching stuff of my choosing!

Things I Have Lost Track of...
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