natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Been away

So I've been to a conference for DRSs, aka Directors of Religious Studies. We all work in high schools heading up departments of an eclectic mix of religion teachers, as well as running Masses, liturgies and other Catholic stuff. The conference was in Rotorua which is a long way from here. I drove myself. Which I enjoyed immensely. I took some photos along the way, on the Desert Road (we have a 'desert' in the middle of the North Island, beside some mountains!). Pics behind the cut...
This is Ruapehu from the small town of Waiouru

and this is Ruapehu's neighbour, Ngauruhoe

While I was up there I had a short break so I went down to one of the local thermal areas, Whakarewarewa, and I took some photos there. It was pretty deserted and I wandered round by myself. It's beautiful. The water is boiling hot and pretty poisonous.

There are some nice mud pools (imagine how hot it has to be for mud to boil)

The mud just plops up!

And the sulphur is beautiful too

That's the first round. I roomed with another teacher from up country so we could share the cost of a hotel room at the conference centre. We have the same first name and surname initial, Jenny O, and I found she had an email I had been expecting from another teacher last month! OMG!
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