natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Alone in a way.

I've been gone. But I'm back.

So we had Open Day last week, and trust me, the life of our little school relies on people choosing us over the big sister on the other side town, St Mary's. Double our size and half the spirit. But *shrug* what can we do... Then two days later we had Mission Day. And my Spirit captain is having some crisis about what I am not permitted to know so she was no help when I planned my prayers and liturgy but it went smoothly. Then we had two Parent Interview evenings which involves us being there to talk to parents in 5 minute slots for four hours after school, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Then Friday I had to take Year 10 Retreat all day. And that was hard work but fun, and at the end of the day, I said, 'Okay, you have 40 minutes to plan your input into this liturgy, so form groups and work out one of the following'... then I gave them some options and bam! Away they went, with three girls 'in charge' of the order of events. No one said they didn't know what to do, everyone got going. Two girls rushed off and wrote songs, which they sang! A third sang a popular caring song. A Jamaican girl wrote a little speech of encouragement. One group worked out a role play. Two others planned prayers. The last group had decided to hold a quick d&m (deep and meaningful) and the girls all shuffled forward to share (we were in a kind of auditorium shaped church at the time) and they all sat close on the floor in front of the altar and shared!!! OMG, these kids have tough lives. And in the end even I cried, it was pretty overwhelming. We went over time and no one even wanted to go!
Then on the way home, my phone rang. I got the teacher beside me to answer it, and it was Finn saying our cat (Hunter) had a hole in him and was covered in blood! I got him to tell Christy to call the vet and shot home. There was Hunts sitting there on the porch with blood all over him indeed, front and back. I wrapped him in a towel and Christy found a file box to pop him in. THe vet saw us right away and said he'd been bitten in the throat and it had pierced his artery but somehow it had stopped bleeding so we have antibiotics and we're hoping he doesn't get an infection.
By the time that was done, I was shattered!!!

And tonight Christy went flatting (in an old house we bought just near my school). Her bedroom is full of soft toys but no bed and no Christy :-( I will miss her so much. I feel really sad inside.
Now it's me, my husband, two sons, two male cats and a male rabbit. See what I am up against?
And tomorrow, another week starts. This morning at Mass I went blank playing a Bminor chord. I just couldn't get it. I said to my young guitarist, I thought maybe I was having a nervous breakdown. Right then and there.

Watch this space... Everyone has gone to bed so I think I'll just go to bed for now too, without passing any open windows
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