natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

I have so much to say and so little time put aside to say it. I'll be driving along and have a wonderful idea for describing for LJ the sea today or the buzz of a plane right overhead taking off into the blue, or the sad little group of winos by the church in Newtown at ten in the morning, sharing the inner bag from a cask of wine into their little plastic cups, their faces eager in the winter sunlight, or tell the story of my Year 10s and their 'secret meeting' with me, all fifty of them crammed into my classroom for the lunch hour to share their problems, or describe the sound of the first raindrops on a cold evening on our corrugated iron roof as I crawl into bed, or the hilarious wonder of the Korean Friendship Society concert and listening to a popular classic singer... in Korean, and their drummers, omg they are amazing! So much to share. And while I'm driving I can see exactly what I want to write. But back home I'm just so busy, so many things to do, so much to keep up with, I fail.
And we have the school inspectors, ERO, coming tomorrow for three days of intense interrogation. I have been co-opted into the Senior Management Team so ...yeah... at least my subject area lies outside the official curriculum for state education so I'm hoping they stay away from me and my department! We have our own Catholic Character Review.
And I miss the interaction with you. The few of you left I haven't driven away by some nefarious means. I am making a new half-century resolution, here and now. I will update every day for a week, see if I can get back into the habit. Because I miss this kicking space.
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