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Day One of the October break

Yeah, thanks for the pic Cari OMG I HATE pics of me!! And that was a random nervous shot before the liturgy started. But *shrug* there you go.
I have celebrated first day of the holidays.
1. Coffee and toast in bed after Steve left for work. Book to read. Nice start to the day.
2. Up and ready for plumber. He came before nine and ripped out a portion of our bathroom wall and all the shower surround, and we both were screeching as there was an old rat-nest or mouse-nest in the wall (the cat and I used to hear them scratching at night a couple of years ago but we couldn't do anything about it but bang the wall!) and the buggers had nibbled right into the in-pipe for our spare shower (over the bath) and gotten themselves a tiny but steady supply of fresh water, which gradually leaked into our wall cavity and is now MOULDY and smelt disgusting and I had to clean it all out and OMG! The smell. But I had some amazing air spray I got for my birthday that really works (it was flash French spray by Durance called Rice Pudding or something but it is great) and I ran the dehumidifier all afternoon and that's already a quarter full so we're drying out.
3. Cleaned up and took Christy shopping for her cousin's 18th gift from my mother and all of us. Bought two charms for her Pandora bracelet.
Also bought some eyeshadow by Australis. Bought some amazing AMAZING tights (from this site http://www.lucylou.co.nz/?product_cat=printed-opaques&paged=2 but they don't have the ones I bought called Moonlight). Bought sushi for lunch. And not any old sushi. Really nice ones you choose yourself. And wasabi that'll knock your socks off.
4. Tie-dyed one of Max's cast-off Proper tee (Property, get it?!) shirts for Finn. Max is Christy's boyfriend and this is his Proper site http://store.properyo.com/ (Finn and his friends are the models!). And helped Christy dye a 3metre piece of tan wool fabric in our tub so it can become faintly lilac (for a project at uni).
5. A friend popped in for a cup of tea to tell us about her trip to France/Germany. She swam in the Rhine! It didn't look so clean when I saw it but I think she was further south. Or north... I dunno! I'd like to go to Wiesbaden one more time perhaps.
5. Cooked a great dinner AND then made caramelised pineapple for dessert with yoghurt and hazelnuts and you were supposed to have some of that perfect food, Quinoa, but I don't have any LOL! It was actually really nice. I love cooking with pineapples and mangoes.
6. Going to read my book in bed :-)
A good day so far. Until I went to post this and the internet had gone off... I had to switch off everything... but thank goodness for that saved-draft option on LJ!!!
This time! Bonsoir xx


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Oct. 1st, 2012 11:07 am (UTC)
The Rhine runs south east to north west so I expect she swam in the southern reaches! I don't think people usually risk it in the Rhine Cruise area!

What a smelly start to your break, but I'm glad it's getting sorted out! We have had rat and mouse problems in both Portugal and UK.

Enjoy your leisure!!
Oct. 2nd, 2012 10:24 am (UTC)
Thank you. Yes, when we cruised on the Rhine it was pretty industrial. But the castles were amazing. And the railway. And the villages. And the steep banks covered in grape vines in straight rows. It was all amazing.
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