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Day Two of the October break

I read my book for a whole hour this morning. Did some cleaning. Rode my bike to the supermarket. Cleaned more stuff. Scrubbed the basin in the bathroom. Started another tie-dye of an old red-splattered sweatshirt that Max stopped wearing after someone said it looked like he'd had a period on it. I'm making it multi-coloured.
I'll take a pic of the t-shirt in the morning; it came out really well.
Took Finn to a local real estate agent's place this afternoon as they had a potential job for him delivering flyers. It's a go, so Finn will have his own pocket money! He's growing up, my baby.
Went to WOW tonight with Christy (World of Wearable Arts). We bought our tickets months ago. We went in to town and had a malaysian curry first in a tiny restaurant-takeaway place. Then we walked down to WOW at the TSB Arena. It was a great show. Wish I could sew...
My brother was coming to stay the night as he was in town for business but he ditched us at the last minute. I was looking forward to seeing him :-(
And now it's bed time. So that could be me. A quieter day.
I wonder, what really is important in life? Really? Is it something different to everyone?


Oct. 3rd, 2012 11:38 am (UTC)
- think what's important is not only different for everyone but different depending on time and place
So very true. And so very variable, huh! I mean, what makes me happy one day might be less important the next, too! Yikes. But yes, so very worth striving for.

I caught up with my brother for lunch today so we're all good! It was nice to have him in Wellington for a change. He liked the familiarity of it all after living up north for so long.



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