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Day Four of the October break

Today I got some of those little annoying things done, like signing this pc up to Google Chrome and deleting all the odd things Max put on here like some odd search engines, Babylon and Bing and utorrent. And getting Finn signed up for his new school. And emailing his current Dean to say Finn is leaving. I cried the whole way through that email. I think I have some kind of depression or iron problem or something - I seem to cry about things a lot!!! OMG! But I don't like change so much, leaving people and moving on. So *shrug* I got over it after I opened the bill for Term Four! Roll on state school. I also made Finn an orthodontist appointment for February. That's another big bill in the pipeline! Apparently not one of his teeth meets another in the correct way for biting. No wonder he disliked chewing meat as a child!

I am driving tomorrow - me, Asher, Finn and Asher's girlfriend - to see my mother in Tauranga for a long weekend, and hopefully having some fun in there somewhere...

Today I also helped Finn with his new 'job' delivering flyers. It was a good excuse for a good walk in the late afternoon sunshine. He skateboarded and delivered and I kept up on the other side! We did most of the flyers in one foul swoop. We ended up at Subway where I bought Finn his dinner off Christy! She works there three evenings a week.

What else did I achieve today? Not a lot, it seems! Just those little things. Filled the car, checked the oil and tyres, ready for the long drive. Dropped Christy from uni to work as there isn't a bus just in that time slot. Cleaned Finn's whole room and moved the furniture around so it looks quite cool.

In Tauranga I hope to get some writing juices flowing. I NEED to write, even just a little. It's like an ache at the back of your heart somewhere. Oh, and I bought cat food and a new drink bottle for the rabbit. And in the pet shop, a skinny, blonde woman of at least forty was talking at the counter about how dates and peanut butter go well together, and she mentioned her sixteen year old daughter for some reason, and then, and then, she says she has a 27-year old boyfriend. Tacky. I tried to imagine being 16 and having a guy around only eleven years older... poor kid! What one hears in the pet shop.

And now it's late and I shall be driving tomorrow. I hope we have a safe journey. I'm losing faith in the driving skills of the world's population. See you when we reach the big T.



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