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A new white page. If you feel like watching Australian, watch the series called Rake. It's pretty cool. I should be in bed but I'm sitting between my sons watching Family Guy. It's so disgusting sometimes but we have a lot of laughs. There have been a lot of Big Bang Theory episodes on this summer so that's been fun, too. I seem to spend a lot of time making sure there's plenty of food in the house and keeping the cats happy.

I'm creating an Asian style garden in the back yard. I'll have to take some photos. The biggest problem is that as I'd plant each plant, the rabbit would rush up and start to nibble it. We had to make some little fences for each plant, which ruins the look but surely the rabbit can't live forever... he's voracious sometimes. The first night, he ate a 12-inch nikau palm right to the bottom. I've planted a mixture of things, azaleas, white daisies, a tiny white hibiscus, a Japanese maple, a dark red flax, lavender, canna lillies and other interesting delights. Not all Asian, of course. It's kind of Asian-Pacific. It's been keeping me very happy, constructing this.

Darn, really need to go to bed. The boys can watch this without me!

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