natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

On top of things... trying, anyway!

So I go back to school soon for a new year. I have printed off some of my class lists, and they look great although they can change a lot during course selection next week. I am currently going to have two Year 9 classes, a Year 10, Year 11, Year 12, a year 12 Ethics and Philosophy class and a Year 13 (all religious studies classes). I'm still Head of Dept, and Director of Religious Studies. I'll be busy but I'm determined to be really organised. I've been bringing home my piles of papers and sorting them while I watch the Australia Open!!

Last year was not a great year on a number of levels at school but I want to really enjoy this new year. I know a few bad things have already happened that I've shared this year but I will not let it defeat me!! This week was the Root Canal. OMG that was AWFUL! Here are my thoughts on this... I had the usual anaesthetic, then I lay there in the torture chair, and they inserted a metal frame in my mouth, called a dam, I think. They stretched a piece of latex rubber across this frame, with a tiny hole for the tooth to poke through, so there was no transfer of fluid between that tooth and the rest of my mouth. So I couldn't talk or swallow properly, and they couldn't see under the latex, so the saliva would build up and I'd start to gurgle, thinking 'I'm drowning' and they'd say, 'do you want some suction' and I'd make a strangled gargling sound and so they'd peel back the latex and vacuum around and I'd think, 'I will not die, I will live' - dramatic, huh. I seriously have problems with my mind when I have anaesthetic. I cry, blank out or think I'm dying. The dentist kept saying, 'you're doing really well' and I'm thinking, 'I'm dying here'.

So having survived THAT, I should be able to cope with anything else this week. This morning I woke to a painter next door hammering something, a drainage repair team in the next street ripping up the road and the people across the road setting off their alarm. I looked at my husband, still asleep, and marvelled at his ability to not hear stuff, something he's worked on since I had our first baby *g*
The Assyrians next door just came over to say they're having a wedding tomorrow. So it'll be noisy. I told them to just have a wonderful time. Go crazy, I said! I love Assyrian weddings! Everyone's dressed up to the nines, there's dancing, piles of men stand around outside talking, it's just fun fun fun.

Can I just say I LOVE the holidays, no matter what crap happens. I just love love love it. I love being busy with my own stuff. I could never ever be bored.

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