natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Okay I think I've solved SOME of our internet connection problems around the house but quick trial... how are you all? I am determined to find ways to enjoy my job so that's going rather well at the moment. We've had Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) where my Mercy Crew and I made about 150 pancakes in return for toiletries that go to the Women's Refuge. The next day was Ash Wednesday and I decided to have a 'cushion' Mass so we didn't have all the palaver of putting out the chairs and putting them away again. It went fine. I found a really nice priest who did a great job. But the night before, there was a huge storm and I'm out on the front porch burning our last year's palms in a tin for the ashes, and the wind is whipping the flames around and blowing out my matches and the cats kept advancing on the flaming tin! It was a bit surreal! The things I do...
However, those were fairly triumphant but busy days and on Friday we had a day off, so I'm feeling good. I cleaned half the house from top to bottom, a miraculous achievement. Trust me, it was.

So I'm working on the power of positive thinking and the possibility that we might go away for a holiday at Easter, overseas! Am thinking it's worth working for the pay to go on a good holiday! So I'll catch up AGAIN

Now I have Sunday Mass and I'm hoping I don't have any jobs to do... better go get dressed, huh.

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