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Tuesday tuesday...

I've just got in, and it's bedtime. I've been gallavanting round town on my own *g* - well, not exactly, but I went in to Bats Theatre to see my friend and her daughter's play - remember that link the other day? Anyway, the play was good, the daughter, Charlotte, starred in it along with a young man called Alex who was in her first play as well. Thing was though, my friend, Andrea, played keyboards during the play and she was AMAZING! OMG! I just can't believe how talented she is. Afterwards, I told her she must never go back into the classroom *g*
The play was clever and took us out of ourselves and into a cheaper, seedier life on the edge of respectability, and got inside the heads of those people. I was tired though, so I'm not sure I'm the best critic on this one. I'm better with films. It was fun to go out though, the play didn't start until half past nine, and that was running late because the one-woman show on beforehand was late! Tiny theatre. Good atmosphere in a rugged sort of way. It's all painted black. Seats about eighty. Afterwards, I wandered over to New World because it's open until midnight, and I bought a Magnum *g* with almonds. There were more security guards in the store than shoppers! Then I wandered back to my car and drove home eating ice cream!

So. That was Tuesday. After visiting my old school at lunchtime, I did some heavy-duty cleaning in our bedroom and got the aerial guy in so now we can get ordinary television, and video, in our bedroom. It's where the children (and I) escape to watch things Steve doesn't like on TV2 or TV3, like House, or ER or Lost, so it is great to now have real reception in there. But man, the dust under the desk in there was something to see! OMG! Glad I'm not allergic to dust like Keeley!
And we had Meet The Teachers at my children's school at six fifteen but that was boring. I know it all there already. Still, it's good to show some support. I tried really, really hard not to pick a fight with Asher's teacher but it was hard *g* And when I got home, Christy had most of the dinner ready so that was great. Finn had tennis today too. And before that his friend took both boys to the wharf to jump in the sea for an hour. Busy afternoon.

And tomorrow, some Bazaar stuff and then I'll buy some paint and then I'll think about writing! *snort* all I can say is 'after the Bazaar' Can't wait now until it's over.

*yawn* have a good day, guys.


Feb. 14th, 2007 01:33 pm (UTC)

Hee, incentive to write today!!!

You have to write every day, even if it's just a few words. Colin brought a kids' story competition leaflet home last night and this morning I wrote 250 words which I shall submit.

I think it's one of the most uncomfortable things.

It feels just as if someone put a tight scarf or similar round my eyes/nose/cheeks - then the watering and sneezing begin.

This time I'm so laid back in comparison...

Make sure you stay that way! Try to enjoy it as well as doing a good job - without the pressure of school you should manage it!



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