natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

May the force be with you

I'm off to bed early. It's not even eleven yet. Why? Because I went into town today to collect the children's musical instruments, and I had a book voucher burning a hole in my bag. So I hunted round Whitcoulls and bought a book for our slow cooker, a book of wood projects for Steve and John Grisham's non-fiction book, An Innocent Man. I was supposed to wait for it to come out in paperback but suddenly I couldn't bear it, I had to have it! So I'm going to read. I think writing will have to wait until the Bazaar is over on Saturday, I have so much to do for that, so many stalls to watch over! It's funny being in charge of those, all these men I've admired in the parish doing whatever I say, being on my team LOL!

It's still very hot and sunny. When I went to collect Asher from tennis, the car said the outside temperature was 32degC. That was at half past six! I think it was the late afternoon sun responsible for that, shining straight onto the car. Still, it was at least 25 all day, which is very warm for Wellington.

It's a friend's birthday today. I hope she has a good one.

Today was a day of small triumphs, nothing worth noting here now, since I'm - well - rushing off to bed. I'll let you know how the book goes. I'd loooooooove to write to John Grisham but I think that'd be like a drop in the ocean, huh. Still, it doesn't hurt to think about it *g* I guess I have one or two fannish bones left in my body. I thought they'd all gone, been wiped out, but nah, there's still a little spark left. An ulna, a radius, tib and fib perhaps... the femur remains fractured but there's nothing wrong with crutches and a little limp, and movement is more fluid than it has been for several months... anyways, I'm off. Adios, amigos. Via con Dios (which can apparently mean, in everyday Spanish, 'may the force be with you' - heeeee!)
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