natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Don't believe in God? Go make a cup of tea while I get this out...

I'm amazed at how God can intervene and help me out! This morning I was moping, it was a day I was not looking forward to, I'd had high hopes for this week, a year ago, a friend might have visited from overseas, but it didn't happen. And earlier I had been battling rush hour traffic to pick up some sun block from the Cancer Society (heh, donations from one charity to another LOL), then baking cakes for the Bazaar, and thinking some saddish kind of shady and probably distinctly uncharitable thoughts about quite a few people in faraway lands. I even posted a little about it. Then there was a knock on the door - Asher's soccer coach, the most vibrant and enthusiastic and giving man you could meet, full of energy and the abundance of life, lending me his soccer goals for the Bazaar, and he dug out some keeper's gloves as well, and I was brought back to real life, the life of people who care deeply about me, and it was a wake up call, to not let myself get introspective. Things happen for a reason. I deleted the post I'd written. I got out the phone book to hire a candy floss machine. I shook myself and gave myself a kick for good measure. I have a wonderful, amazing, busy, creative, lucky, intelligent, buzzing life full of surprises and people and love and faith, and I'm a good person, and you know what? No one is going to ruin that. Not one person.
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