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Becky thank you for all your posts, I love you/it/them! *g*

I watched a beautiful scene today. I had to take a class of Year 12 girls, and one was in a wheelchair. Her teacher aide didn't appear and this girl is also vision impaired, so she couldn't read the small print on the worksheet. Two other girls let her join them at their computer station, putting her between them, and they read the questions aloud, letting her have her say as they typed in the searches on the net. It really was great to see them include her. It was the way they did it, so willingly and with pleasure. I recognised one of them, she'd been at our school years ago, and had become a diabetic at the age of about six. Now, there she is, caring for another young woman who needed help so much. It was beautiful to see.

And every class, when I said 'who wants to lead us in prayer' (and yeah, I thought that was odd but it's what they do there) there was a volunteer. I was moved.

It's important to hang onto the wonder in the things that happen around us. There is so much beauty tucked in amongst the ugliness and rush and noise.


Mar. 8th, 2007 11:43 pm (UTC)
I pointed out that the children had been together for nearly six years now and they all love each other and if she explained it well, then they would understand better
That's true. The people in my class were all really understanding with things like that. We had all known each other since kindergarten, so we were there for each other with things like that.

I'm glad the teacher is going to talk to them though. At their age it might be a little rough.
Mar. 8th, 2007 11:46 pm (UTC)
Yeah, ten year olds can be cruel. And ten year olds are not supposed to cry and scream for their mothers.

But they can also learn to understand something important that is a real problem. So let's hope they take the better angle and show some real support. And here I am yet again hoping for the better side of humanity *g*.



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