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Rain pic

It rained today, for the first time in absolutely ages. And by dinner time, it was pouring, but not cold, so we took our beef stroganoff out on the deck and had dinner there, with the rain thundering down on the see-thru roof cover aboove us! It was quite surreal. It's autumn here now, I guess.

So afterwards, when the children had gone, I took a pic from where I was sitting. Our back garden looks quite tropical, and things grow there that are quite surprising, like the Norfolk palm on the left that Steve brought back from Great Barrier Island a million years ago, the fruit-salady thing in the middle that used to be in our conservatory, and even the cabbage tree that I love so much on the right, which of course bears no relation to cabbages! I love NZ plants. I'm trying to write about them at the moment and it's quite challenging to pick the right ones for the right locations.

So here is a view of our backyard - I don't think you can see the rain! It's evening though, nearly seven p.m. There is one really high cabbage tree head, but it was way above the rest of the photo! You can see its trunk on the right.

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Mar. 13th, 2007 08:37 am (UTC)
How lovely to be able to grow palms outside.Here we have poor little things in pots,which may or may not grow taller, depending if they are treated right or not.Yours look so at home.I love these jungly type plants,but alas have no room in the house for them and outside is too cold and wet a lot of the time.
Mar. 13th, 2007 08:40 am (UTC)
I am surprised myself how well these plants grow here. Our garden is really sandy, all the way down! But that corner is very sheltered. I'm glad you like the look of the palms. Pity I can't send you one



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