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Shut down???

So. Looking at mangee's posting, tomorrow is some sort of ICT shut down day. Apparently to highlight people's dependence on their computers or something. How interesting. Do they have book free days as well? We used to have car free days here, in the late '70s! It was a way of dealing with the fuel crisis at the time, and each car had a windscreen sticker with a diagonal coloured cross to represent the day they couldn't drive, and God help you if you were caught out on that day. You had to nominate a day when you didn't need the car. It's a good idea actually! Stops us being so dependent on cars. My mother and I went out only once on our car free day, desperate to buy something nice for dinner. We took the back streets, but just as we came across a rickety bridge onto the main road to go the hundred metres to the next back street area, a traffic cop passed us. Sure we'd be caught, we slunk home again!! He probably never even saw us!

Still, does that mean we are not supposed to post or comment? Or maybe I just don't care who says it's any kind of day! I'm certainly not addicted to the computer, I have way too many other things going on. Still, it was fairly quiet today, so maybe tomorrow will be too?! And a break from here means ...more time to focus on the family. Aaaaaaaaah!

How important is your computer to you?

Today I cleaned out the laundry from top to bottom. A bagful of stuff for the bin. A bag for the shed. A truckload of dust. That's the dryer's fault, and I don't even use it much.

My friend's father is very ill. He's a lovely man. But he's ninety, so it's hard to drum up any real concern! He has been having a good life though, since his rather grumpy wife died just a few years ago, so let's hope he can rally and have a few more fun years yet...


Mar. 23rd, 2007 02:19 pm (UTC)
We already had a couple of ICT free days this week because bro-in-law's ISP was 'down'. I wasn't personally bothered but he was because he had crucial business transactions depending on it ...
My computer is very important to me but I can cope quite nicely offline - using writing and art software and reading stuff I've downloaded. And if I'm on holiday it can all wait! I definitely won't take the laptop to Spain! On the other hand, I'll be relying on computers in aircraft, airports, hotels, etc...Not to mention hospitals in case of emergncy. Oh, and there's some sort of computer in my car.
I didn't know about the day, anyway - who said it and why?
My mother and my father-in-law were both in their nineties when they died and it certainly wasn't as shocking as a younger person's death, but for both of them, the quality of life had gone steeply downhill. If they'd been enjoying themselves it might have felt different.
Mar. 24th, 2007 05:13 am (UTC)
-And if I'm on holiday it can all wait!
Well, that is probably the acid test! My friend is tempted to hide her husband's laptop just before they go on holiday because he can't live without it.

-Oh, and there's some sort of computer in my car.
Really? Wow!

-My mother and my father-in-law were both in their nineties when they died and it certainly wasn't as shocking as a younger person's death
True. And now that my friend's dad has had a fall, his quality of life might change dramatically, for the worse, I expect. We'll just have to wait and see.
Mar. 24th, 2007 02:20 pm (UTC)
Apparently modern cars have mini computers that control all sorts of electronic things like windows and ABS braking and automatic choke. Probably all just so that you have to take them to the garage every time a light blinks.



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