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So now I want an Apple Mac. It'd be perfect for Finn - Comic Life, Garage Band... I could save a bit of money for one next term because I had a chat with the Principal and I think, next term, I'm going to be working full time for just a little while, as Director of *giggle* Religious Studies, until they can hire a new one. It could take a week, or six weeks or a whole term, and I will get to teach senior classes in Ethics LOL! When I taught it last, I taught Sects, Cults and Fundamentalism, Social Justice and Major World Religions at senior level, never got to do Ethics. I'll have to brush up on that, haven't taught Year 12 and 13 Religious Education since Christy was born. Of course, if they find a DRS in the holidays, I won't have to do it at all!

But I had a good day today. The girls are getting used to me, the routines are becoming more evident to me, the teachers are getting used to seeing me around, and hey, I knew the cleaner's sister *g*

I even did a little writing at lunchtime - the teachers don't know me well enough to bother to chat much yet so I buggered off and sat outside in the sun. With my coffee, of course. Not a bad life. And life is for living...

What's next!
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