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Wandering the neighbourhood

Having time to walk the boys to school has been really interesting these past couple of months. I've seen a lot of the neighbourhood in its 'getting ready for the day' mood, the coffee shop starting to fill up, the pharmacy rolling up its security door, the takeaways shops uncharacteristically dark and shadowy. We've been watching a house up Broadway fall apart, week by week over the last year or so it has become more and more neglected, and a few weeks ago the fence fell down... but today someone is building a new fence. Turns out the house is owned by a dairy owner in Miramar who just can't be bothered cleaning the place up and renting it out. A house further up has been totally refurbished. There have been plasterers and painters spilling out onto the footpath each day. Turns out to be a friend of my neighbours, who wanted to get the '70s look out of her house. I can get all the local gossip LOL. We've been reading the graffiti in the tunnel too. I recognise a few names from my last job ;)

I saw a car today that advertised Dog Behaviour Management. Its number plate is K9CALM!!! And I saw a van advertising computer assistance, called Geeks on Wheels *g*

As we headed out to school this morning, passing the home of one of the families from school I saw their front door wide open. That seemed odd. I know Liz goes to work, she's a single mum these days. I stayed over at school to help my friend who is the parish secretary fix up a word document, then I had a coffee with our parish priest. We talked a lot about family dynamics and writing. So an hour later, on the way home, I noticed Liz's front door was still wide open. I went home and tried to phone but her number wasn't the one in the book, so I called school. The school secretary phoned my friend at work, and sure enough, her children were supposed to have closed the door! So I wandered back to their house to shut the door. Two steps into the living room and I could have scored a whole stereo system! Nice place. Tidy. I liked their home *g*

And walking home I thought of a whole new dimension for Nick to add to his character... so whee! I'm off again.


Apr. 4th, 2007 08:47 am (UTC)
I would be inconvenienced if I lost my laptop, but there's almost nothing on here that isn't backed up somewhere else, it would just take time to put it all on to a new machine...

There are things I would miss, things that hold memories, like gifts and postcards and photographs...but in the end they are only things and I would still have the memories... I think I would find things being damaged and destroyed much harder to cope with than them just being taken away...
Apr. 4th, 2007 09:56 am (UTC)
Back up. I need to learn a lot more about how you do that.

- I think I would find things being damaged and destroyed much harder to cope with than them just being taken away...
Yeah, I'd hate to have the house trashed. One set of burglars almost ruined our beautiful kauri sideboard because we always had the doors locked (to keep the baby out!). After that we just left the key on top all the time so any new burglars could get in whenever they wanted, and now we don't have to lock it *g*



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